The ethics of spells and wishing for money

When I was researching herbs related to money success, it struck me as really funny that an often used search phrase at Google was “Money spells that really work”. ROLMAO. Like why would anyone search for money spells that were okay or didn’t work?

I also came across a few articles stating that working a spell for money was not ethical and would backfire upon you (i.e relative dies and you get money sort of thing). When it comes to this dilemma I can only write that for thousands of years people have been trying to persuade the universe to move a certain direction: bring love, fortune, fertility, freedom from want, vengeance, and justice. It’s human nature.

Is it ethically right? I think for me it comes from intent. We ask only for what I feel we, specifically Grenwinae, deserves due to his hard work and effort he has put into his career. We don’t expect miracles or even excessive blessings. We don’t need tremendous riches and we both know that money isn’t the ultimate happiness. We also asked no one be harmed to bring us this outcome.

When he does get the job offer he wants, yes, it means someone else didn’t get it. It’s called competition and Nature teaches all about the winners who catch the food and the losers who don’t.

On the practical side of life, it would be nice to meet bills and have a bit extra to indulgence ourselves. I also feel that seeing us with abundance and prosperity as a mental image can help us through this difficult time and set a personal goal on what we desire and the steps to get there. There is nothing wrong with wanting an abundance of food in the refrigerator or a nice roof over your head that doesn’t leak.

I found a lot of spells, most of which really didn’t interest me. I think it was because of the personal factor. If the spell doesn’t talk to you personally, I don’t feel it will be effective. If generic, money spells did work for everyone why doesn’t everyone who tries them have money?

Case in point, a lot of those spells had you write down a money amount you needed. I suggested to Grenwinae that, instead, he write an acceptance letter where someone has offered him his dream job. The act of writing the letter makes it concrete on what Grenwinae is desiring for this career move: money, benefits, relocation etc… Mentally, it helps him set a goal and know what he needs.

In my next entry, I’ll show some other ways we personalized our spell: with coins of specific years and images and even with Chinese fortune cookies!


I’ve already gone into why I selected the herbs that I did. We didn’t need just money but also protection from gossip and harm (as Grenwinae’s work is turbulent right now), movement and success, while maintaining confidence and courage.

While I was gathering materials for the herb mixture and the ceremony I wanted to do (which didn’t quite go the direction I wanted it too), what really tickled my fancy was finding how many things just came out of the kitchen. Spellwork just really flies under the radar – it can look completely innocent but not be for what you think. Many of the plants (seeds, roots, berries, oils etc… derived from them) can be found in most grocery stores.

It’s this element of everyday magic right under our noses that is really appealing to me right now.


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