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Just Another Love Song (massage oil)

A new love massage oil blend that we used this weekend. It’s a lighthearted, uplifting combination whereas the Lovers Touch Massage Oil I posted earlier was spicier and generated heat.

Just Another Love Song

2 ounces Massage Oil (try Sesame Seed Oil – not toasted)

Cedarwood (16) ~ you can exchange with Sandalwood for a stronger, earthier scent

Vanilla at 10% (12)

Sweet Orange (6) ~ or try the more exotic and sweet Neroli (Orange)

Cinnamon Leaf (2) ~ Alternate with Clove to go more spicy.

This scent changes rapidly as it ages. Originally, the Cedarwood and Vanilla were strong, than Vanilla and lastly it changed to Sweet Orange with a hint of Cinnamon. This blend reinforced to me the importance of letting a scent mature before deciding you like or dislike it. Remember, Orange can be Phototoxic so don’t use before going out into the sun.

Image by Ellen Levy Finch


To make it easier for everyone to know how I do my own work (of course feel free to develop your own method!), I’ve put together this post: Blending a Massage Oil with Essential Oils (photos now added). For my blog, you can click the category Essential Oils & Herbs located on the right and it will show you a directory of posts of all the essential oils I’ve explored on the blog.

NOTE: I’d recommend being very careful and not use this in the genital area. Really, when it comes to anything in the tender spots, it’s best to use plain old oil (if you really are rambunctious I’d recommend unscented Canola or Olive oil and lots of it). You never know how those sensitive tissues will react to essential oils. And they could react very, very unpleasantly. Your night of passion could end you up in the emergency room instead.

WARNING: If pregnant, some of the above are not recommended so do your research beforehand. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it isn’t poisonous or toxic! Research and inform yourself! Always do a test on your skin with the diluted massage oil to confirm you and your partner have no issues with the essential oils you have used.

BTW I don’t have sensitive skin, health concerns, not using prescribed or recreational drugs, no allergies, not pregnant etc.. so read up before you use it. Not responsible for you. 😀


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Rabbit’s lessons me in stillness

My relationship with my Animal Guides may not be as respectful as people might do theirs. I’ve found myself wondering – when an animal shows up what makes it significant.


Thursday I saw many rabbits in our suburban neighborhood. I took a moment to greet and talk to a wild cottontail.

What message do you have for me?

It’s a secret.


You need to learn real stillness. Not just doing nothing. But being still and enjoying it. See how I can stay in this front yard and no one notices me as I nibble this grass? And I could do this for hours. I bet you couldn’t do this for 10 seconds.

I gave Rabbit an offering of incense: Passionflower, Alfalfa, Peppermint and Red Clover as appreciation for the gift of the lesson.


I took the weekend to move one of my horses. It was 12 hours in a car. 3 hours up. 3 hours down with horse (sometimes bucking in the trailer). 3 hours back up to take Grenwinae back home. 3 hours to return to Oklahoma.

After dropping off my horse at her new digs, we spotted a yearling buck, new stubby antlers gracing his head as he delicately stepped out to the asphalt road. He seemed a bit confused and lost. We stopped and told him that there was nothing here for him on the road.

Look at me. Remember me.

He slipped into the underbrush and vanished.

That same road I spotted a red bellied Woodpecker.

We are here. You can find us.


While in Missouri, I had two different bird encounters. One with Grenwinae when a Red-Tailed Hawk swooped in front of the car into the woods to land on a tree branch. He was very close and we got a good view.

The second time was for me alone: a Vulture taking flight, again from left to right and close enough to count feathers.


Driving back, once again I got stopped by a police officer (in the last 8 months I have now been stopped 3 times for trivial bullshit after 20 years of a driving history where I was stopped once!). Totally unfair because according to my odometer I was going the speed limit and people were passing me! According to him I was 6 miles over (really!!).

However, he didn’t check my insurance and didn’t ask for details on the car I was driving which had out of state plates and could have incurred a fine. He gave me a warning and sent me on my way. Whew!!

I am giving an offering to Rabbit – it’s about hiding in plain sight. I am not the droid you are looking for art form.

Some light finally

Good news about Grenwinae’s father today. After 10 days in the hospital, the new medications must have kicked in because he became completely self-aware, asked for the cell phone and called his kids – asked why he was in the hospital and why he had tubes in him! Didn’t remember Grenwinae being there the last two weekends.

I am hoping this means he’s rounded a corner and emerged from the mental fog and confusion.

Things were getting kinda dicey for awhile.

ETA: he’s been moved to the rehab area and they are getting him moving.

Developing a Loose Incense for Rabbit

One way I honor my Animal Guides is by developing something I feel represents their Essence to me. I had made a massage oil for Vulture (Vulture’s Tears) which took me several weeks. It was a good project for focusing and thinking upon what Vulture represented to me and honoring Vulture’s wisdom.

For Rabbit, I want to make a herb mixture of loose incense that I could use as an offering (this website has tons of info on how to do it and more ideas on herbs for incense here). I could have gone the fertility route but instead I’ve opted for things that represent the growing seasons to me and which, if I was a rabbit, I might like to eat. To me, Rabbit is associated with the Moon (including the 28 day cycles), the Feminine and of course, Willow tree.

By Gidzy [CC-BY-2.0
via Wikimedia Commons

Alfalfa ~ Prosperity for the home and helps against want, especially hunger. Abundance, prosperity. Protects against financial misfortune. Feminine, Venus, Earth.

Basil ~ helps you move though danger.  Is an all around good one for protection, prosperity, courage, love and exorcism. Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Chamomile ~ Love and luck. Harmony, peace, calms the spirit and reduces stress. Sedative. Meditative. Tranquil. Masculine, Sun, Water.

Dandelion leaf and root ~ Healing and defeats negativity. Summons spirits. Purification. Divination. Wishes. Dandelions transform the soil in which they live.  Masculine, Sun and Air. I will “wild harvest” these.

Raspberry ~ healing, visions, protection, love, alleviates labor pains (don’t use if pregnant), spirit of center. Reminds us to be patient as canes take several years to fully develop. Associated with Spring Equinox.  Associated with the feminine (helps women “troubles), Venus and Water.

Red Clover ~ Used in blessings of domesticated animals. Money, Love, Lust and Success. Associated with Summer Equinox. Masculine, Mercury, Air.

Rose hips ~ Healing and good spirits. Abundance and strength. Divination and prophetic dreams. Fertility and House Blessings. Associated with fall equinox.

Star Anise ~ Stimulates psychic powers. Protection. Meditation. Find happiness and wards off evil eye. A popular herb to burn for incense.

Sweetgrass ~ Peace, unity and calling spirits. Positive energy. Burn after white sage (which cleanses).

White Willow Bark ~ Healing. Blessings. Bindings. Guards against negativity. Putting some wood in the mix should help with the burn factor. Female, Water, Moon.

Updated: the four marked in blue made a very nice combination (Alfalfa, Red Clover, Star Anise, White Willow Bark). However, to really catch it to burn I’m going to write up a note, shred it, and use it along with wax shavings. We tried Salt Peter and it gave a nice sparkle but wasn’t as consistent.

I will be concentrating not only on the magical uses but also how it smells dried and burning. I’ll be going through these herbs individually over the next few weeks and posting about them here. Once I started doing my research, I see that this blend is becoming something more than I originally intended! It looks to be something for meditation and calling to my Guides. That’s exciting!


Sad to say three little baby bunnies were brought into the clinic. We tried to get the folks to put them back because wild mother rabbits leave their babies for the day – only visiting them twice to feed them – but the people insisted we keep them. Well, the success rate for raising baby rabbits (due to their unique biological system) is extremely poor and all three passed. It makes you know how vulnerable life truly is and how much humans need to leave nature ALONE!!

Thankfully, the next “the baby bunnies have been abandoned” caller was convinced to put them back and all of them immediately burrowed into their shallow nest and disappeared the next day.

Please leave wild baby bunnies ALONE! Mom will come back!

Hawk tells me to reach out

Okay, I haven’t seen a hawk for over a month – maybe two. They have been strangely absent when I’ve been on my driving trips. The last time I reached out, Hawk’s phone receiver was off the hook.

Going to see a movie tonight, I got on the highway and while I was thinking about my favorite brother (who wanted to talk with me but it got shoved to the side due to other family crisis), a hawk appeared and started spiraling quite close enough for me to get a beautiful view.

I think he wanted me to remember that call so I will do that tomorrow.

ETA: Called and left a message.

ETA: Sent him an email. Tried to reach out and be inquiring in a nice way, and show some compassion about his predicament.

ETA: Got a five word email from him. He will call Sunday. Didn’t address what this was about so yeah, pretty sure it’s going to be about our mother.

ETA: Didn’t call me. I called and left a message. I will persist.

ETA: Sent another email with a friendly round up of what we were up too and asked about him and his partner.

Essential oils that smell of love

Doing some research I came across several online recipes for essential oil blends to aid romantic couples. I’ll continue to do some testing (hmmm yes, please) and report back. However, for now there were some re-occurring scents that are top on people’s Hmmmmm, I want to go there list:

Cardamom ~ the worlds third most expensive spice (by weight). Uplifting scent, does best in combinations. Often noted as an aphrodisiac. Middle note.

Clove Bud ~ Woodsy, warming, middle note. Can have contradictions so research those and keep in low dosage due to possible skin irritants.

Jasmine ~ Classic female flower scent considered an aphrodisiac. Very strong initial scent. Uplifting. Middle note.

Orange scents ~ (top notes) Sweet Orange, Mandarin (sweetest and most calming of the oranges) or Neroli (intense, more exotic, most expensive of the oranges). Generally, considered phototoxic so stay out of the sun after using on skin.

Patchouli ~ Woodsy with a hint of floral. Base Note. My experience with this one is you either love it or hate it. I tend towards the hate end of the spectrum.

Rose Otto ~ Isn’t as intense as the Absolute. Middle note.

Rose Absolute ~ the favored one and more expensive. Both rose essential oils are considered an aphrodisiac.

Sandalwood ~ Another Aphrodisiac scent. A rich and woody base note.

Vanilla ~ rich base note familiar to pretty much everyone. I like this scent but daughter hates it.

Ylang Ylang ~ Another one considered an aphrodisiac. It’s note can be middle or base. It also has varying distilling processes that can dramatically effect the end product. Because it has such a strong smell and is often overused in products, it is not one of my favorites (but it is by many).

Some less common, but known to pike the love interest:

Bergamot (Bee Balm) ~ Citrus and floral blend. An uplifting top note.

Black Pepper  ~ A middle note that helps to blend base and top notes. Works well in a team. Enhances alertness so don’t use at bed time. Use in limited quantity as it can be a skin irritant.

Cedarwood ~Aphrodisiac with a male element. A Woodsy base.

Cinnamon Leaf ~Earthy and spicy. Use in limited amounts due to possible skin irritation.

Clary Sage ~ herbaceous with a blend of fruit. Middle note. For me it’s a good balancer against strong florals (i.e. Jasmine).

Pine ~ A balsam, woodsy scent with a middle note.

Vetiver ~ Calming, grounding, base note with a strong aroma. Use sparingly and blend it with others.

Interestingly enough a lot of these essential oils are linked to circulation or getting your intestines moving (not as ingestion – but as a massage oil). Others are warming oils, such as Black Pepper, may play a part in loosening and relaxing muscles. While other essential oils effect mood – relaxing your mind, calming your emotions and/or allowing you to release anxiety or worry.


I’ve already written how scents can be very personal. For example, neither myself or Grenwinae like Ylang Ylang. He was at a Pagan meeting where someone said they couldn’t stand Sandalwood because the Coven they used to be a member of would burn it all the time during their sex magick. LOL!

I have a tendency to favor scents on the citrus-woodsy side of things rather than the floral end of the scent spectrum. On the other hand, in playing around with scents I can smell they need that balance: intense florals, need a counterweight, for example, maybe citrus, to tone it down. Don’t necessarily give up on a scent until you play it with others.

If you are developing a scent with a specific partner in mind, I would have a night of scent experimentation – you can put a variety of scents on individual cotton balls, seal each one in it’s own plastic (and labeled) baggie, get out the blind fold and test each other. You can also do scented combinations on a cotton ball – and if you do this several days before your sniff tests, the scent will really have a chance to bloom and reach maturity.

Of course, if you missed it, I had posted my Lovers Touch Massage Oil recipe earlier.

Or maybe you need to have some tips on putting together your own blend?

Storing my herbs (again!)

Just after I thought I had my herb storage all decided, I visited Once Upon a Silver Moon and saw an awesome display of glass containers for their smaller rocks. ARGH! Now I have organizational storage envy. As if it was a Sign, Hobby Lobby sent me my weekly sales flyer that states glass is on sale for 50 percent off! I love it when Christians want to help Pagans! Yeah!

These are herbs I plan on using in rituals, castings, charms or offerings. Herbs that I will be using in cooking or to do some kitchen wizardry with will be stored in the larger, Ball (vintage blue) jars in the kitchen pantry. Herbs that are expensive, or that I will use little of, are staying in the small jars (four ounces), for now that includes: Allspice (ground), Black Pepper (Coarse), Cloves (whole), Fennel Seed, Fenugreek seed, Ginger (Crystallized), Mustard Seed, Myrrh, Nutmeg and Sesame Seed.


Most of my fresh, dried herbs that are cheaper in cost, including those I’m harvesting myself, will go in the larger, Hobby Lobby jars (on sale these were $1 each!): Alfalfa, Basil, Bergamot (Bee Balm), Catmint, Chamomile flowers, Hibiscus, Lavender, Licorice Root, Marjoram, Mugwort, Oregano, Passion Flower, Peppermint, Red Clover, Rose Buds, Rosemary, Spearmint, Sea Salt, and White Willow Bark.


I put labels on the inside of the jar lids or in tape on some until I get a nicer labeler system. Remember, herbs should be stored away from light and I have plans to customize a cabinet for this very purpose. Anything that could be poisonous needs to be stored in a safe place away from pets and children.

Quiet please ! The Universe is Working

It’s been a bit of a crazy last 6 days. Grenwinae’s father has been moved out of ICU and into a transitional area of the hospital. They still don’t seem to know what is going on so we are just hoping for a good outcome and maybe some answers on where to go from here. This situation just makes it more imperative that Grenwinae get a job closer to his aging parents and shows our decision to return to Oklahoma is the right one.


Last Friday, Grenwinae had a phone interview for a job. It was one that had a lot of real possibilities and we were both feeling kinda butterfly-hopeful-fearful-stomach. It’s the rollercoaster ride of job hunting that I dislike the most! That Sunday when he was going into the hospital he found a Perry’s Victory Quarter (remember, this is one of the quarters I put in my abundance charm pouch).


Because he was passing through Tulsa, to return home to Missouri on Monday, he did a face to face interview with the same company he had conferenced called on Friday. On the way into the building he found another Perry’s Victory quarter! Hmmmm……

At the parking garage, all the change he got was gold one dollar quarters! I have put nine of them around my abundance charm area as I would definitely think gold coins would be seen as inspiring! More so than paper money – I mean there’s just a visceral feel to coins and the look of that gold color is inspiring. I think a Dragon would like it as it’s Hoard. Shiny!


The evening before the interview (Sunday night) we did go to the office building and walk around. He put down a bit of Basil at the door entrances to the building and imagined working in the building and having a “right” to be there.


I continue to refine my “thinking” area.


The central King of Swords Tarot Card represents Grenwinae. Atop the Quartz Crystal sits a piece of Malachite dabbed with Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil. A grid of Citrine stones surround it and I occasionally take one Citrine in each palm of my hand and visualize myself participating in the life that I would like to attain.

Visualizations are important to the unconscious as that part of your brain doesn’t understand the concept of time. It also deals in images, not words. If you feed it negative information (seeing failure) it will think that is truth – the contrary is also true – as the unconscious is simply a sponge accepting it all.

These are simple dreams, and may even seem too materialistic to you, but they are meaningful to what I/we want: having a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator (a new stainless steel fridge to replace our 20 year old one), with the time/opportunity to cook with Grenwinae healthy dinners for the family; being able to do my fall school shopping of clothes for both of my children, obtain all that they need, and not worry at the checkout as to my bank account; Grenwinae being welcomed into a wonderful work atmosphere that provides him the emotional food he needs to feel appreciated; and (Grenwinae chimed in) – a simple, but good vacation!

My dark green suede charm bag rests in a glass containing change and acorns. The white moonstone made me think of the white bull focus card so it sets atop. Two votive candles – one green and one gold with nine dollar coins are spread across several cards which I shall explain:

From the Druid Animal Oracle, I selected the Bull (Tarbh) as my focus card. It represents potency, fertility, abundance and prosperity and is a good card for financial situations as Cattle were the currency of wealth for the Celts. It’s a male sexual symbol too and while denoting power, is also about persistence. Slow and steady – with force and determination – moving towards success is what I’m seeking.

This weekend, Grenwinae pulled the Wren (left). It was interesting that this card has a bolt of lightening representing the bull-god of thunder/lightening, connecting it to my focus card. This card showcases the Oak which is Grenwinae’s tree and a nest (representing home and family) is also shown on the card. The wren is small but deals with cunning and subtlety to get what it needs. The Wren does this with good cheer and intent.

I pulled the Fox, crossing ice: a symbol of skillful diplomacy and another caution that our actions should come from good intention and self-honesty. We may need to watch where we walk and use our wisdom to make decisions. I initially drew this card reversed, but had told the cards I would not be dealing with inverse cards.

However, after reading the inverse I wonder if it is not more accurate: focus on family and lay low for a while. The later could mean we need to keep things on the quiet this week while we find out more how Grenwinae’s dad’s health situation resolves and to let the job interview “cook” for a while.


I’m hoping for good news but nothing is assured in this world. Mercury goes out of Retrograde on July 20. The whole thing hasn’t worried me to much because if Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic do over, we are redoing things! Job hunting, moving again, accepting a new job etc.. is all repeats of what happened two years about this same time (he took the Missouri position in August 2011) so I feel no worry about that aspect.

The Universe is working…! I just need to stop trying to poke it with a stick.

Uplifting and warm, massage oil for couples

I found some great recipes for massage oils on the Internet but had a few problems with them. Most used Ylang Ylang essential oil as a base and both of us find Ylang Ylang to be vomit inducing. Not exactly what I wanted for a romantic time together. I’ll be trying out more varieties as the pocketbook allows, yet for now, using what I had on hand, this is what I came up with:

Love’s Touch Massage Oil

2 ounces (1/4 cup) of Grapeseed oil. I prefer grapeseed as a massage oil as it doesn’t leave as much of a greasy residue on the skin and also glides easier. Experiment with what you and your partner like as a carrier oil.

Jasmine – 4 drops. Uplifting and joyful.
Orange – 4 drops. Tones down the floral, potentially cloying scent, of Jasmine
Ginger – 3 drops. Heat generating.
Black Pepper – 1 drop. Heat generating. Adds an afterkick of spice smell.
Clove – 1 drop. Heat generating and like Black Pepper, gives a bit of spice undertone.

After trying this out, definitely the Ginger, Black Pepper and Clove will generate heat! The longer you let the scent mature, the stronger the Jasmine will emerge. The masculine scents of Ginger, Black Pepper and Clove balance the floral scent so I think this scent would appeal to both masculine and feminine personalities.

The above recipe was adapted from one I saw here (Aphrodisiac Bath), but I changed the amounts and some ingredients to better suit a massage oil application. I personally favor woodsy, spicy or citrus smells. I find floral smells like Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, etc… a bit much on their own.

NOTE: I’d recommend being very careful and not use this in the genital area. Really, when it comes to anything in the tender spots, it’s best to use plain old oil (if you really are rambunctious I’d recommend unscented Canola or Olive oil and lots of it). You never know how those sensitive tissues will react to essential oils. And they could react very, very unpleasantly. Your night of passion could end you up in the emergency room instead.

WARNING: If pregnant, some of the above are not recommended so do your research beforehand. Ginger, Black Pepper and Clove can irritate sensitive skin – especially if you increase the ratio above what I’ve recommended. I’d recommend diluting essential oils to the massage oil recipe and than using on the inside of your wrist or thigh and see if your skin reacts.

BTW I don’t have sensitive skin, health concerns, not using prescribed or recreational drugs, no allergies, not pregnant etc.. so read up before you use it. Not responsible for you. 🙂