The snake bite of success

Ah the bitter snake bite of success! The Citrine stone I put in the cash drawer at work really likes to mess with me.

The first day it was there, we had a rush at work and ended up falling behind 1.5 hours on our appointment book but we made boatloads of money. The second day was good, and the third day was like the first: mayhem on appointments and lots of money, but scrambling to get it done. That discouraged me because I felt the doctor had let us down by not carrying through on her end of the deal.

Hm you little Merchant’s Stone you like to yank my chain with this “careful what you wish for” attitude. This returns us to the idea that wishing for your own personal gain might work against you – the genie wish conundrum (ask the genie, leprechaun, or the devil, to grant a wish/desire and see it all backfire due to the one loophole you didn’t think of at the time you made the agreement).

Yesterday, started out quiet. I pulled out the stone and told it make that phone ring! But not be crazy. By the time I got back from a lunch appointment the snowball was going down the hill at a fast clip. I felt like I did a pretty good job juggling folk out the door although there were a few slip-ups. The last hour we were open, we ended up with two emergency calls that put us half an hour after closing (which I think was easy peasy).

Hm little stone, you just need to warm it up for Tuesday and Wednesday as they look slow. My reputation is at stake because I promised them an increase in revenue if I came aboard. And I’m competitive enough that I want to see us kick ass. I’ll have to see if I can handle the fall out.


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