charming money thoughts

The upshot of making a charm for attracting money and abundance is you become a lot more aware of money. I’ve spent the last week finding coins in all sorts of places around the house.

It got me thinking: am I careless about money? I am somewhat. To make money work for me, I will need to be more aware of it. How I’m spending, how I’m earning etc… Charms and spells only go so far. I believe in Free Will so while making a charm or spell can help me focus my energy, that all won’t go too far if I don’t seize opportunity or make the most of what I’m given.


Than there is the fact that money has a price. A price that isn’t monetary at all but could be of time sacrificed to a job, taking you away from loved ones; the emotional cost of working somewhere you don’t enjoy to get food on the table and a roof over your head; or like at the vet clinic, dealing with animal euthanasia or animals we cannot save because the pet’s illness has reached its endpoint. Anytime you receive money there is a cost on your mind, body or spirit.

The coin collection was cashed in for $48. Not bad little Citrine! Hopefully, this is just the Merchant’s Stone doing a warm up as overall, the focus has to be bigger than just finding loose change in the sofa.



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