Red bellied woodpecker, mom and child

When I was in Missouri over the weekend, I got to see a juvenile Red-Bellied Woodpecker with his mother. They were at our back feeder and I’m sure the female was the one I’ve been seeing all through the spring. She’s the one who “told” Grenwinae back in the spring that eggs would be happening soon before she flew off deep into the woods.

Lovely to see these two together! No pictures unfortunately, but you can view this site which gives a variety of photos and even birdsong for the Red-Belled Woodpecker. The female of the pair, just awed me – she had the aura of a Queen, very majestic and her red hair was a nimbus of orange.

The female is far more gorgeous than the photos show – the juvenile was so cute as he hung out for awhile, cleaning his wings and eating some birdseed I had cast onto the back deck. He had the open billed gaping that so many young birds get. The juvenile was a gawky teen trying to hang out with mom who was showing him the ropes.

The times I’ve seen the male, he has been a busy little guy working on his trees and a bit smaller than the female. He seemed a hard worker and you could hear his drilling or discussions before you saw him.

I’m glad this family was not displaced by the cowbird couple I had seen a few months back and who have been hanging around in the area.

A website with a page about Woodpecker Medicine.


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