Circling the runway is pissing me off

I had re-blogged the Daily Om- Coming Full Circle and I read about Mercury being in Retrograde, so whether it’s the stream of life or the stars, I’ve been on repeat mode ever since July began.

I’m not good for dealing with the reruns of life. I don’t like being stuck as I like forward. I like decisions made, bags packed, accounts closed and leaving so the door doesn’t hit my ass on the way out. Thus you can imagine that dealing with waiting and stalemates isn’t my cup of tea.

And as I like to joke about my first family: we feel sad so we get angry; we feel frustrated, we get angry; we are happy, there’s a touch of desperate anger flavoring the mix…. So yesterday, petrol met match.

I do hope this cycle of being apart is one that is losing it’s steam and about ready to be released:

Apart when we met;

Later, Arkansas and one in Oklahoma;

Parting, Missouri and Oklahoma;

and now Oklahoma and Missouri (again).

I guess the purpose of all this recycling is I’m supposed to use what I learned through the first Labyrinth’s journey to help me with the second. But yesterday the only thing I could think was fuck this. ARGH.


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