Playing with dried herbs

We’ve been harvesting herbs from the garden, and I’ve been collecting a stash for use other than in cooking. I’ll be posting about our herb garden soon and ways you can preserve your harvest but for now these little Ball 4 ounce jars for canning/preserving are great for herbs or spices that are small in quantity such as Allspice, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginger etc… I like the glass quilting imprint too.


I found a set of larger Ball jars, 16 ounce, at Lowes. These are in a Vintage blue color and ran about $10 for 6.


A new natural grocer has moved into town and they are a great resource for small bags of herbs, flowers and spices that I’m not growing. Herbs last about a year, after that they can start losing their flavor or begin to smell old in about a year; remember those bought at grocery stores may already be a year old! So for expensive herbs or those you won’t be using a lot, buy in small quantities.

The various uses I’ll be doing include tisanes (herbs steeped in hot water, used hot or cold), tinctures (derived from plant material aged in alcohol or vinegar for a concentrated product), herbal vinegars, flavored salt and oils, cooking, and loose leaf incense.

Rabbit has been wanting something special and after reading about this Summer Blend loose incense, I’m thinking Rabbit (what rabbits can eat and can’t eat) might like a blend of Chamomile, Spearmint, Red Clover, and maybe some Alfalfa and/or Basil, balanced with Rose hips and/or Hibiscus, with Sweetgrass and White Willow Bark. Those are a lot so I’ll probably cut it down after I have a chance to play around with the dried mixture this week.



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