Quiet please ! The Universe is Working

It’s been a bit of a crazy last 6 days. Grenwinae’s father has been moved out of ICU and into a transitional area of the hospital. They still don’t seem to know what is going on so we are just hoping for a good outcome and maybe some answers on where to go from here. This situation just makes it more imperative that Grenwinae get a job closer to his aging parents and shows our decision to return to Oklahoma is the right one.


Last Friday, Grenwinae had a phone interview for a job. It was one that had a lot of real possibilities and we were both feeling kinda butterfly-hopeful-fearful-stomach. It’s the rollercoaster ride of job hunting that I dislike the most! That Sunday when he was going into the hospital he found a Perry’s Victory Quarter (remember, this is one of the quarters I put in my abundance charm pouch).


Because he was passing through Tulsa, to return home to Missouri on Monday, he did a face to face interview with the same company he had conferenced called on Friday. On the way into the building he found another Perry’s Victory quarter! Hmmmm……

At the parking garage, all the change he got was gold one dollar quarters! I have put nine of them around my abundance charm area as I would definitely think gold coins would be seen as inspiring! More so than paper money – I mean there’s just a visceral feel to coins and the look of that gold color is inspiring. I think a Dragon would like it as it’s Hoard. Shiny!


The evening before the interview (Sunday night) we did go to the office building and walk around. He put down a bit of Basil at the door entrances to the building and imagined working in the building and having a “right” to be there.


I continue to refine my “thinking” area.


The central King of Swords Tarot Card represents Grenwinae. Atop the Quartz Crystal sits a piece of Malachite dabbed with Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil. A grid of Citrine stones surround it and I occasionally take one Citrine in each palm of my hand and visualize myself participating in the life that I would like to attain.

Visualizations are important to the unconscious as that part of your brain doesn’t understand the concept of time. It also deals in images, not words. If you feed it negative information (seeing failure) it will think that is truth – the contrary is also true – as the unconscious is simply a sponge accepting it all.

These are simple dreams, and may even seem too materialistic to you, but they are meaningful to what I/we want: having a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator (a new stainless steel fridge to replace our 20 year old one), with the time/opportunity to cook with Grenwinae healthy dinners for the family; being able to do my fall school shopping of clothes for both of my children, obtain all that they need, and not worry at the checkout as to my bank account; Grenwinae being welcomed into a wonderful work atmosphere that provides him the emotional food he needs to feel appreciated; and (Grenwinae chimed in) – a simple, but good vacation!

My dark green suede charm bag rests in a glass containing change and acorns. The white moonstone made me think of the white bull focus card so it sets atop. Two votive candles – one green and one gold with nine dollar coins are spread across several cards which I shall explain:

From the Druid Animal Oracle, I selected the Bull (Tarbh) as my focus card. It represents potency, fertility, abundance and prosperity and is a good card for financial situations as Cattle were the currency of wealth for the Celts. It’s a male sexual symbol too and while denoting power, is also about persistence. Slow and steady – with force and determination – moving towards success is what I’m seeking.

This weekend, Grenwinae pulled the Wren (left). It was interesting that this card has a bolt of lightening representing the bull-god of thunder/lightening, connecting it to my focus card. This card showcases the Oak which is Grenwinae’s tree and a nest (representing home and family) is also shown on the card. The wren is small but deals with cunning and subtlety to get what it needs. The Wren does this with good cheer and intent.

I pulled the Fox, crossing ice: a symbol of skillful diplomacy and another caution that our actions should come from good intention and self-honesty. We may need to watch where we walk and use our wisdom to make decisions. I initially drew this card reversed, but had told the cards I would not be dealing with inverse cards.

However, after reading the inverse I wonder if it is not more accurate: focus on family and lay low for a while. The later could mean we need to keep things on the quiet this week while we find out more how Grenwinae’s dad’s health situation resolves and to let the job interview “cook” for a while.


I’m hoping for good news but nothing is assured in this world. Mercury goes out of Retrograde on July 20. The whole thing hasn’t worried me to much because if Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic do over, we are redoing things! Job hunting, moving again, accepting a new job etc.. is all repeats of what happened two years about this same time (he took the Missouri position in August 2011) so I feel no worry about that aspect.

The Universe is working…! I just need to stop trying to poke it with a stick.


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