Essential oils that smell of love

Doing some research I came across several online recipes for essential oil blends to aid romantic couples. I’ll continue to do some testing (hmmm yes, please) and report back. However, for now there were some re-occurring scents that are top on people’s Hmmmmm, I want to go there list:

Cardamom ~ the worlds third most expensive spice (by weight). Uplifting scent, does best in combinations. Often noted as an aphrodisiac. Middle note.

Clove Bud ~ Woodsy, warming, middle note. Can have contradictions so research those and keep in low dosage due to possible skin irritants.

Jasmine ~ Classic female flower scent considered an aphrodisiac. Very strong initial scent. Uplifting. Middle note.

Orange scents ~ (top notes) Sweet Orange, Mandarin (sweetest and most calming of the oranges) or Neroli (intense, more exotic, most expensive of the oranges). Generally, considered phototoxic so stay out of the sun after using on skin.

Patchouli ~ Woodsy with a hint of floral. Base Note. My experience with this one is you either love it or hate it. I tend towards the hate end of the spectrum.

Rose Otto ~ Isn’t as intense as the Absolute. Middle note.

Rose Absolute ~ the favored one and more expensive. Both rose essential oils are considered an aphrodisiac.

Sandalwood ~ Another Aphrodisiac scent. A rich and woody base note.

Vanilla ~ rich base note familiar to pretty much everyone. I like this scent but daughter hates it.

Ylang Ylang ~ Another one considered an aphrodisiac. It’s note can be middle or base. It also has varying distilling processes that can dramatically effect the end product. Because it has such a strong smell and is often overused in products, it is not one of my favorites (but it is by many).

Some less common, but known to pike the love interest:

Bergamot (Bee Balm) ~ Citrus and floral blend. An uplifting top note.

Black Pepper  ~ A middle note that helps to blend base and top notes. Works well in a team. Enhances alertness so don’t use at bed time. Use in limited quantity as it can be a skin irritant.

Cedarwood ~Aphrodisiac with a male element. A Woodsy base.

Cinnamon Leaf ~Earthy and spicy. Use in limited amounts due to possible skin irritation.

Clary Sage ~ herbaceous with a blend of fruit. Middle note. For me it’s a good balancer against strong florals (i.e. Jasmine).

Pine ~ A balsam, woodsy scent with a middle note.

Vetiver ~ Calming, grounding, base note with a strong aroma. Use sparingly and blend it with others.

Interestingly enough a lot of these essential oils are linked to circulation or getting your intestines moving (not as ingestion – but as a massage oil). Others are warming oils, such as Black Pepper, may play a part in loosening and relaxing muscles. While other essential oils effect mood – relaxing your mind, calming your emotions and/or allowing you to release anxiety or worry.


I’ve already written how scents can be very personal. For example, neither myself or Grenwinae like Ylang Ylang. He was at a Pagan meeting where someone said they couldn’t stand Sandalwood because the Coven they used to be a member of would burn it all the time during their sex magick. LOL!

I have a tendency to favor scents on the citrus-woodsy side of things rather than the floral end of the scent spectrum. On the other hand, in playing around with scents I can smell they need that balance: intense florals, need a counterweight, for example, maybe citrus, to tone it down. Don’t necessarily give up on a scent until you play it with others.

If you are developing a scent with a specific partner in mind, I would have a night of scent experimentation – you can put a variety of scents on individual cotton balls, seal each one in it’s own plastic (and labeled) baggie, get out the blind fold and test each other. You can also do scented combinations on a cotton ball – and if you do this several days before your sniff tests, the scent will really have a chance to bloom and reach maturity.

Of course, if you missed it, I had posted my Lovers Touch Massage Oil recipe earlier.

Or maybe you need to have some tips on putting together your own blend?


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