Developing a Loose Incense for Rabbit

One way I honor my Animal Guides is by developing something I feel represents their Essence to me. I had made a massage oil for Vulture (Vulture’s Tears) which took me several weeks. It was a good project for focusing and thinking upon what Vulture represented to me and honoring Vulture’s wisdom.

For Rabbit, I want to make a herb mixture of loose incense that I could use as an offering (this website has tons of info on how to do it and more ideas on herbs for incense here). I could have gone the fertility route but instead I’ve opted for things that represent the growing seasons to me and which, if I was a rabbit, I might like to eat. To me, Rabbit is associated with the Moon (including the 28 day cycles), the Feminine and of course, Willow tree.

By Gidzy [CC-BY-2.0
via Wikimedia Commons

Alfalfa ~ Prosperity for the home and helps against want, especially hunger. Abundance, prosperity. Protects against financial misfortune. Feminine, Venus, Earth.

Basil ~ helps you move though danger.  Is an all around good one for protection, prosperity, courage, love and exorcism. Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Chamomile ~ Love and luck. Harmony, peace, calms the spirit and reduces stress. Sedative. Meditative. Tranquil. Masculine, Sun, Water.

Dandelion leaf and root ~ Healing and defeats negativity. Summons spirits. Purification. Divination. Wishes. Dandelions transform the soil in which they live.  Masculine, Sun and Air. I will “wild harvest” these.

Raspberry ~ healing, visions, protection, love, alleviates labor pains (don’t use if pregnant), spirit of center. Reminds us to be patient as canes take several years to fully develop. Associated with Spring Equinox.  Associated with the feminine (helps women “troubles), Venus and Water.

Red Clover ~ Used in blessings of domesticated animals. Money, Love, Lust and Success. Associated with Summer Equinox. Masculine, Mercury, Air.

Rose hips ~ Healing and good spirits. Abundance and strength. Divination and prophetic dreams. Fertility and House Blessings. Associated with fall equinox.

Star Anise ~ Stimulates psychic powers. Protection. Meditation. Find happiness and wards off evil eye. A popular herb to burn for incense.

Sweetgrass ~ Peace, unity and calling spirits. Positive energy. Burn after white sage (which cleanses).

White Willow Bark ~ Healing. Blessings. Bindings. Guards against negativity. Putting some wood in the mix should help with the burn factor. Female, Water, Moon.

Updated: the four marked in blue made a very nice combination (Alfalfa, Red Clover, Star Anise, White Willow Bark). However, to really catch it to burn I’m going to write up a note, shred it, and use it along with wax shavings. We tried Salt Peter and it gave a nice sparkle but wasn’t as consistent.

I will be concentrating not only on the magical uses but also how it smells dried and burning. I’ll be going through these herbs individually over the next few weeks and posting about them here. Once I started doing my research, I see that this blend is becoming something more than I originally intended! It looks to be something for meditation and calling to my Guides. That’s exciting!


Sad to say three little baby bunnies were brought into the clinic. We tried to get the folks to put them back because wild mother rabbits leave their babies for the day – only visiting them twice to feed them – but the people insisted we keep them. Well, the success rate for raising baby rabbits (due to their unique biological system) is extremely poor and all three passed. It makes you know how vulnerable life truly is and how much humans need to leave nature ALONE!!

Thankfully, the next “the baby bunnies have been abandoned” caller was convinced to put them back and all of them immediately burrowed into their shallow nest and disappeared the next day.

Please leave wild baby bunnies ALONE! Mom will come back!


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