Hawk tells me to reach out

Okay, I haven’t seen a hawk for over a month – maybe two. They have been strangely absent when I’ve been on my driving trips. The last time I reached out, Hawk’s phone receiver was off the hook.

Going to see a movie tonight, I got on the highway and while I was thinking about my favorite brother (who wanted to talk with me but it got shoved to the side due to other family crisis), a hawk appeared and started spiraling quite close enough for me to get a beautiful view.

I think he wanted me to remember that call so I will do that tomorrow.

ETA: Called and left a message.

ETA: Sent him an email. Tried to reach out and be inquiring in a nice way, and show some compassion about his predicament.

ETA: Got a five word email from him. He will call Sunday. Didn’t address what this was about so yeah, pretty sure it’s going to be about our mother.

ETA: Didn’t call me. I called and left a message. I will persist.

ETA: Sent another email with a friendly round up of what we were up too and asked about him and his partner.


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