Rabbit’s lessons me in stillness

My relationship with my Animal Guides may not be as respectful as people might do theirs. I’ve found myself wondering – when an animal shows up what makes it significant.


Thursday I saw many rabbits in our suburban neighborhood. I took a moment to greet and talk to a wild cottontail.

What message do you have for me?

It’s a secret.


You need to learn real stillness. Not just doing nothing. But being still and enjoying it. See how I can stay in this front yard and no one notices me as I nibble this grass? And I could do this for hours. I bet you couldn’t do this for 10 seconds.

I gave Rabbit an offering of incense: Passionflower, Alfalfa, Peppermint and Red Clover as appreciation for the gift of the lesson.


I took the weekend to move one of my horses. It was 12 hours in a car. 3 hours up. 3 hours down with horse (sometimes bucking in the trailer). 3 hours back up to take Grenwinae back home. 3 hours to return to Oklahoma.

After dropping off my horse at her new digs, we spotted a yearling buck, new stubby antlers gracing his head as he delicately stepped out to the asphalt road. He seemed a bit confused and lost. We stopped and told him that there was nothing here for him on the road.

Look at me. Remember me.

He slipped into the underbrush and vanished.

That same road I spotted a red bellied Woodpecker.

We are here. You can find us.


While in Missouri, I had two different bird encounters. One with Grenwinae when a Red-Tailed Hawk swooped in front of the car into the woods to land on a tree branch. He was very close and we got a good view.

The second time was for me alone: a Vulture taking flight, again from left to right and close enough to count feathers.


Driving back, once again I got stopped by a police officer (in the last 8 months I have now been stopped 3 times for trivial bullshit after 20 years of a driving history where I was stopped once!). Totally unfair because according to my odometer I was going the speed limit and people were passing me! According to him I was 6 miles over (really!!).

However, he didn’t check my insurance and didn’t ask for details on the car I was driving which had out of state plates and could have incurred a fine. He gave me a warning and sent me on my way. Whew!!

I am giving an offering to Rabbit – it’s about hiding in plain sight. I am not the droid you are looking for art form.


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