Just Another Love Song (massage oil)

A new love massage oil blend that we used this weekend. It’s a lighthearted, uplifting combination whereas the Lovers Touch Massage Oil I posted earlier was spicier and generated heat.

Just Another Love Song

2 ounces Massage Oil (try Sesame Seed Oil – not toasted)

Cedarwood (16) ~ you can exchange with Sandalwood for a stronger, earthier scent

Vanilla at 10% (12)

Sweet Orange (6) ~ or try the more exotic and sweet Neroli (Orange)

Cinnamon Leaf (2) ~ Alternate with Clove to go more spicy.

This scent changes rapidly as it ages. Originally, the Cedarwood and Vanilla were strong, than Vanilla and lastly it changed to Sweet Orange with a hint of Cinnamon. This blend reinforced to me the importance of letting a scent mature before deciding you like or dislike it. Remember, Orange can be Phototoxic so don’t use before going out into the sun.

Image by Ellen Levy Finch


To make it easier for everyone to know how I do my own work (of course feel free to develop your own method!), I’ve put together this post: Blending a Massage Oil with Essential Oils (photos now added). For my blog, you can click the category Essential Oils & Herbs located on the right and it will show you a directory of posts of all the essential oils I’ve explored on the blog.

NOTE: I’d recommend being very careful and not use this in the genital area. Really, when it comes to anything in the tender spots, it’s best to use plain old oil (if you really are rambunctious I’d recommend unscented Canola or Olive oil and lots of it). You never know how those sensitive tissues will react to essential oils. And they could react very, very unpleasantly. Your night of passion could end you up in the emergency room instead.

WARNING: If pregnant, some of the above are not recommended so do your research beforehand. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it isn’t poisonous or toxic! Research and inform yourself! Always do a test on your skin with the diluted massage oil to confirm you and your partner have no issues with the essential oils you have used.

BTW I don’t have sensitive skin, health concerns, not using prescribed or recreational drugs, no allergies, not pregnant etc.. so read up before you use it. Not responsible for you. 😀


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