A Powerful Sign? or being Delusional?

Okay so the last 48 hours have been a rollercoaster of emotions.
I will post about the positive first.


Tuesday night I decided to do a candle meditation and call upon whatever forces are looking after us, to lend their help and guidance. We were still waiting to hear about a job that Grenwinae was very interested in and that we had pinned a lot of hopes upon.

I layered some alfalfa (money, anti-hunger, prosperity), peppermint (push for change), passionflower (attracting friendships), and red clover (love, money, protection) In my candle bowl. At first it had trouble catching but than really flamed up. I put some dried Bee Balm (attracting success) and Allspice (money, luck, healing, added power) on top to burn too.

While I was watching the candle flame, I lined the bowl with the nine gold coins, thinking about what we needed – a job that would provide Grenwinae the emotional nourishment that he needs, the minimum salary we all need, and the location the job needs to be at. As the candle burned down, the gold wax melted around the coins, welding them into one big mass. That was a really neat and pretty effect by the way.

The candle burned very brightly and for a long time. I asked for advice. The upshot was that I need to be grateful for what we are provided now. I live too much in the future about what we can get, or what we need or what I want to happen instead of focusing on appreciating now.

I also thanked Rabbit for whatever Rabbit had to offer but also freely admitted that Rabbit’s lessons were the hardest for me to discern. I feel more comfortable with predator animals and Rabbit asks me to see a different perspective.

Near the end I pulled out my Animal Druid Oracle and pulled a card. It was the Bee! right side up. This was the card reversed when this path all began back in May.



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