Hopes Dashed, Support Required

After what I thought were powerful messages to the positive we had a rotten next day with strange evidence of support despite it all.


I went to the bed drained but full of hope. I woke up to reality. The job possibility hadn’t reached out like they said they would. Communication between the parties involved seemed confused and it made me really frustrated and angry.

When I left for work, there was a large rabbit in the yard across from our driveway. As usual, I didn’t get a straightforward message from Rabbit. I haven’t aligned myself properly with Rabbit’s energies and that is part of Rabbit’s life lesson message for me.


Coming home, I was talking to Grenwinae after I turned onto our street. Looking up I saw a bird approaching towards me. I slowed my car to a stop and watched him slowly, with an occasional flap come closer. I thought: Hawk! and he veered slightly coming over the top of my car, hovering for a bit on the wind. Looking up I could see Hawk’s underside clearly while the background was blinded by sun.

Hawk is here. Look up. Use less effort.

There is a hawk that lived in the field where our subdivision was built. I’ve seen him for the last 14 years as he occasionally makes an appearance. Sometimes quite dramatically like on my back fence or sending an attack strike into the hedge of bushes right next to my front door (when I was pushing the key in the lock).

That evening I saw another hawk, as he flew up to a church rooftop and perched, looking down from his great height.


I was so positive that things would be working out but I spiraled into self doubt and more anger as the evening wore on. It just seemed so unfair! The day wore on with no news.

Talked with Grenwinae tonight and he told me when he pulled up in the driveway, he didn’t notice her at first but a large Turkey Vulture was sitting on the handle of the water pump in the herb garden! He didn’t get a message but he felt it was about protection. Hm. my thought is more about the change of body to spirit.

Transformation is inevitable.

There is a Vulture who I often see circling our country property. We are definitely on her flight pattern and last weekend when I became so frustrated with my horse that wouldn’t load, she flew over and told me:

Success will happen. Patience.

So I took a break and when we went back to it a few hours later, she loaded up within a few minutes.


I sound like a spoiled baby but I am so tired of waiting. I’m exhausted with waiting. I want to believe your message Friends, but hope has to have some nourishment even if it is the dew on a buttercup.


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