The Awen Druid Oracle Spread

I did the Awen spread from the Druid Animal Oracle cards. The line of cards in the Past started with Fire Dragon (ideas/top card of the column); Earth Dragon (emotions/2nd card in the column); Owl reversed (Manifestations/3rd card in the column) and another, draw Salmon reversed (manifestations). Since this is the past reading, it was easy to see where the cards fell together.



Fire Dragon brings the energy and fire to overcome obstacles and make changes. Emotionally, Earth Dragon shows that our only obstacles are within ourselves – one we realize this we achieve and realize our inner treasures. Owl reversed is about not allowing yourself to become withdrawn and secretive – energy needed to be pushed outward with an active participation in the world. Salmon reversed, I saw as not returning to our home.


When reading present cards, to me they are about the very recent past, current time, and the very near future. These are cards/situations that are resolving now.

Frog, reversed, is about our current situation – we are learning to accept the unpleasant or difficult circumstances. This is obviously being apart while Grenwinae is in Springfield, and I am in Tulsa. Jobhunting means kissing a lot of frogs and most of them are not princes.

Bear shows emotionally you have to marry intuition with strength. It’s one of several guardianship cards bound in this spread. Bears are often affiliated with Shamans because of their long hibernation and appearance of death.

I’ve discussed Bee before – this card showed up when this mess started, and was selected last week so now it shows again. To me it seems something is becoming organized in the community – either at Grenwinae’s current work or something that will happen soon. In my mind, it seems to read that Grenwinae needs to have a feeling of being accepted in a community for support. Bee also implies celebration.

Eagle was the extra card I pulled – another protective Guardian card. The view needs to be wider, we need to see the big picture. Focus on our goals. Renew and rejuvenate, before taking the plunge, to grab the goal.


Raven in the Idea area is about initiation. Perhaps the initiation into a new job? Crane (in the emotional position), is about the patience of waiting in order to strike at the right time. Crane is also a psychopomp that guides you to the next world.

Dog (manifestation) is a guardian, companion, and protector on the journey. He’s another Guardian of the Mysteries and conducts you through from one world to the next. We both found this card confusing so we’ll have to see what plays out – will this about loyalties to him or to others? Loyalty to family or to an employer – his current one or a future employer.

Horse reversed, is about our restlessness and inability to stay grounded. While the book suggests examining our own inability to settle, I wonder if this isn’t about not being settled in one place since we are in transition from one house to another?


How the future plays out is probably the most confusing. Again, all signs point to some sort of transition happening in the near future.

UPDATE: Grenwinae received a job offer and accepted on 8-27-13. Further update on this reading given here.


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