A Loving Moon Rock Collection

I bought a Pink Rhodonite stone heart. With all that is happening I need a focus stone on learning to balance my emotions and the frustrations that is going on with being apart from Grenwinae. It’s part of a little collection that I see as my Moon Power stones: Girasol Quartz (clear and opaque), clear Quartz, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz. These stones are affiliated with love, balance and the “softer” emotions of self acceptance, emotional acceptance, and gentle healing.



Heard an Owl story today from a visitor to work. The Owl had been hit by a car and brought to the storyteller when he was living in a frat house. The Owl stayed for three days living on top of his bicycle rack, hanging from the ceiling. By the fourth day, he was gone (presumably out the window).


I had a dream about an old friend I haven’t seen for some time. She is one of two friends who I am no longer friends with since my friendship wasn’t convenient to them during my time of crisis. The second friend I heard from by email the day of the morning dream. It still doesn’t motivate me to reach out to her. I’ve had enough with friends who pick up friendships when it suits them. I don’t need 100 close Facebook “friends” who are as meaningless to my existence as a bowl of Jell-O.

ETA: I see this last paragraph may not seem “loving” and in direct contradiction to the post LOL. LIfe is also about self love, setting boundaries and letting people leave your life with a salute of “peace be with you but don’t bother me again, please. Said with the upmost love and compassion.”


Last weekend, Grenwinae and I went to the new barn to see how my horse was settling in. At the fenceline a large spider was carrying a wasp it had killed. Since one of Grenwinae’s Guides is Spider, I thought it was a significant message. I think he just thought it was gross and didn’t investigate fully. Not sure he is completely in synch with Spider like he thinks he is. 😀


Grenwinae is back to Missouri. A job he once applied for has been listed available again. He’s pursuing it so we shall see what happens.


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