Needing Rabbit’s Invisibility

I will be soon leaving on a business trip – the timing is wrong, the people I’m meeting up with psychologically damaging, and I’ll be trapped for 10 days. The trapped part concerns me the most as I don’t do well when cornered. Because this trip is out of the country I will have no local friend or family support, and no way to escape to be alone.

I have been thinking about what I’ll need and that comes down to is Rabbit. I need Rabbit to help me hide in plain sight. a cloak of invisibility. I need to be able to quickly navigate through tricky conversations and disappear from the radar of predator-type people. I need to be silent and still my busy Me-Mind so I can watch for danger and reveal very little about myself. I need to combat invasive questions with silence, not anger or counter-attacks.

You might recall that Rabbit has protected me before? This type of protection is not obvious. You are there, but no one really notices you. I could also call upon Owl but Owl is more about predation and I really want to just fade away before these people’s eyes. I don’t want to get combative with these people – not only are they dangerous, but it could cost me my job and I need a check right now.

Because of my work being separate from this blog, I can’t go into details about what this is all about. It would be great if I didn’t have to go, but necessity requires it and I plan on going with the best armor I can find: Rabbits charming and childlike behavior combined with invisibility.

As usual, Rabbit re-affirms our connection by giving me a bunny story on a blog I read today – and by being in the front yard when I came home this morning. Rabbit, in quiet subtle ways, shows me, Yes I am here, if you know where to look. ETA and another rabbit just came into my in-box!


At Ramblings of a Modern Pagan, there is a post about the difference between an Amulet and a Talisman. I’ll be making an amulet, asking for Rabbit’s protection, during my trip. My Amulet will be charged to work over the 10 days of the trip and has to be designed so I can wear it without anyone the wiser.

The Herbs I’m considering would work with my own personality. Since I am not a shy, retiring, vulnerable type – but a brash, aggressive, assertive type I need a balance for those tendencies:

Angelica (Dong Quai) – Long associated with the Angels. Serves as a barrier against and boosts you from within. I need the power of any Guardian that I can get.
Anise Seed – Protection. Wards off the Evil Eye.
Cumin – Combines with Frankincense for protection. Used with salt, drives out evil. Anti-theft.
Frankincense Resin – Self will, self control of ego, purifies and protects.
Garlic – protection against vampires (yeah I know but these people ARE vampires!). Exorcism, Anti-theft.
Rosemary – Purifies, removes negativity, helps with memory (this is a learning course). Exorcism.
Thyme – Courage when needed, attracts loyalty and good opinion of others. Wards negativity.
Valerian – Protection. Often substitutes for graveyard dust. Calms the emotions.

I’d like to find some stones to take with me but my time and money is limited. My selection of stores, few. I’ll see if I can find any: Fluorite, Jasper, MalachiteMoss AgateTiger Eye, or Onyx.


The best protection I can do is stay grounded in my own reality. Don’t let my emotions over run me, especially those of frustration and anger. I need to be disingenuous, with a front of earnest willingness. When they try to poke me with a stick, I don’t even see the stick. I don’t even know they would USE a stick! I don’t even know what a stick IS!

Yes, this is false, deceptive and it goes against my very nature. But protection supersedes being “true to myself.” This is all a game of lies, manipulation and intimidation. I’m not planning on playing fair.


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