Protections – I prefer simple and secretive

Since I’ve been actively reading other pagan blogs, it doesn’t surprise me that people often talk of defense or protection when it comes to spells or cleansings. You open yourself to the Universe and the Universe may send some things to start knocking on your door.

What does kinda surprise me is that people always want to take the aggressive stand, when in nature this is not the first choice. Animals rarely “fight to the death” – they rely upon image, deception, concealment and posturizing to keep safe. Nature doesn’t want to get hurt – and it will flee if it doesn’t think it will win. It’s people that are that kinda of stupid.


Non-scientific outline follows…

1st defense: You Don’t See Me. This is used by prey (i.e. Rabbit) and predator (Owl, Coopers’ Hawk). It may involve protective coloring that allows the animal to blend into it’s environment, or it may just involve stillness. C’mon folks! Even Obi Wan knew that you don’t want to be noticed and or go out of your way to pick a fight. Your first defense should be your cloak of invisibility.

2nd defense:  I’m Not What You Think. Protective coloring or shape that deceives the viewer that what they see is actually something else. Think about the eye spots on the back of a Tigers’ ears; eyespots are also common moth wings. Animals that look like a rock. Fish that look like a plant.

I will be using this defense, in addition to the first, on my trip. I really don’t want these people to know exactly what they are dealing with when they start their headgames.

Check out what I’ve found!

Yogi Moon Cycle tea has Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Chamomile Flower, Raspberry Lea, Anise Seed, Dong Quai Root, Chaste Tree Berry, Juniper Berry, and Parsley. Way Out Wax Soy candle called Clear Head with Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary, for the end of that long day to blow away their Smoke and Mirrors Act. Dong Quai (Angelica) vitamin capsules for spellwork. I’ll be going over to Target later today to look for a mirror compact and than off to my stone store.

3rd defense: Blend Into a Crowd.  Done by groups of small fish and Zebras. Another optical illusion and concealment defense by using others around you to go unnoticed as the individual. Think of how we dress for outings – we don’t wear a wedding dress to tramp the mall. I try to do this at parties or when I’m shopping and don’t want salespeople to bother me.

4th You Really Don’t Want To Go There. Aggressive coloring on snakes or insects can warn off others that they simply don’t want to tangle with them. Humans mimick this by name dropping their connections (I’m powerful), dressing better than inferiors, tone of voice, presentation of manner, and confident manner. A woman, confidently walking to her car in the parking lot, with keys to the ready and knowing where she is going is less likely to be targeted by evil.

Generally, I rely upon #4 but in this situation, concealment will be a far better choice.

5th Moving Towards Confrontation – I’m a Bigger Badass Than You. Cats, among other animals, enlarge their physical presence to intimidate their attacker – the classic “poof,” arched back, and sideways stalk.  Yeah, I could dress up like some sort of gang-banger but the upshot is, with human behavior, there is always someone who thinks they are a bigger badass. Be prepared to prove it if you pick #5.


The upshot is these are all defensive methods for the most part – they are reactions to an action or perceived threat. I am not someone who goes out of her way to beat up others. I also believe, while the Universe works very slowly, people of a certain type are eventually taken care of by powers greater than my own. That’s been proven time and time again – and I have 50 years to look back and go tsk tsk about some Karmic retribution to former enemies which happened due to no input from me.

Here’s the reality of being an aggressor – it chews you up inside in the long run. So unless you have no other choice, unless there are no other options, don’t aggressively and consistently attack. Nature doesn’t reward it.

Don’t get me wrong if I was physically attacked or in danger (or my loved ones) I can be swift to use my Owl talons to remove your head and stuff it up your ass. I just don’t think this is called for in the majority of situations.

Great Horned Owl claw can rip off the head of a Woodchuck

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