Asking for help

Tried to do a meditation outside. Pretty much it sucked. I did learn one thing. For some reason, I smelled the scent of Vanilla and was told to use it during this time.


Went back inside and decided to play with my crystals and rocks. After reading the Dusken Path’s info on stones, which to me makes a lot more sense, I decided to go through my small collection and ask who would want to help in getting Grenwinae a job and bringing him back home to me?

Burning a candle, I took each stone or crystal into my left hand and asked it if it would like to work towards this endeavor. What was really neat was the small Citrine stones (in my mind I call them jelly babies as they are shaped rather like them) actually seemed to dance in my hand with energy. It was like holding corn while it popped. They pretty much said they LIVE TO MAKE THIS KINDA STUFF HAPPEN! YES!

Meanwhile other stones, indicated they clearly didn’t want to be involved. One stone I recently acquired, gave me the feeling that the time for it’s purpose hasn’t been reached yet; an odd thought.

Overall, an interesting experiment playing with energy and trying to be intuitive.


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