Leaving on a jet plane

I didn’t get enough done before leaving town. However, I did put some time in thinking about protections and seeing what I could come up with. I was able to find some new stones to take with me, each representing one of my Animal Guides: Onyz (Owl) for protection, Fluorite (Rabbit) emotional cleanser; Rhodonite (Vulture) healing from the past and love; and my green Malachite (Hawk), success in business. Once again, Hawk was a bit standoffish but that is just Hawk’s character (UPG) so I won’t take it personal.

Frankincense, Cumin Seed, Hawthorn Berries, Star Anise with a dash of Vanilla was the initial scent I used. However, I also discovered that the inner contents of a tea content make a wonderful loose incense when placed upon a charcoal briquette. That gave me further protection and connected me to the tea packets I’ll be using daily as setting protections back into place.

I asked all my Guides for protection and they reaffirmed to me that I am protected. They also reaffirmed to me that I need to look to my own abilities and I will find that I have what it takes to weather this week.

Pulling a card from the Animal Druid Oracle, it was the Water Dragon: emotionally things will be turbulent and past issues may surface. I just need to see it as a learning experience and know that I can learn from it. After all it’s only 10 days and 2 of those are in the travel.

I can do this!

End of Ritual

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