black feather magic

I have two days left for the workshop. I have brewed a protective tea every day.

I found two black feathers today. They are opposite feathers I found in front of my path when walking downtown. They could be from a pigeon, crow or cormonant (the most common black birds I saw in the area) but whoever gave them to me is reminders I have two more days to survive without a misstep. The next day I found some gray feathers (possible seagull) which I added to my collection.

I’ve put them with the hotels safety guideline sheet and some other items as a shield. This is part of how I feel urban items can be incorporated into our workings. Whatever represents meaning, and the more it acts as a representation, the more powerful. To not use modern items is to deny I’m a 21st century person.


Sometimes I feel like someone else is moving me through this. This non confrontational, keep her head down, fly under the radar, person is not me.

Two more days.

Two more days.


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