A Cycle Ends

FINALLY, Grenwinae has received an offer which we have accepted. The 2 year Cycle has come full circle. His indentured servitude is over. He has repaid, through served time and his labor, the relocation we received two years ago. A relocation that bought a car, paid off some bills and got us started in a place that gave us plenty of challenges and enriched our spiritual paths.

I did an Awen layout of my Druid Animal Oracle Cards on 8-4-13 so let’s address that last line:


Raven, Heron, Dog and Horse (Reversed). Looking back this is what I think now:

Raven is about Initiation – being inducted, marked for a new experience. The intervention of hidden and perhaps even mystical and unknown.

Crane – patience and waiting. This job took quite a bit of time to get to an offer (over 6 weeks).

Dog – I believe this represents the loyalty of his past co-workers. Two work at the new company and I believe it is through them that he was offered the position.

Horse, reversed – Movement, not settling. While this may have been seen as a negative connotation because reversed Tarot cards generally are, one thing I like about this deck is this isn’t necessarily so. Here we wanted to move and was restless. And thus begins the transition back from Missouri to Oklahoma.

Monday, Grenwinae spent the day with me and I had him pull a card. It was the Horse, reversed. I had the feeling that the cycle would be wrapping up – we might be moving into another type of job hunt but something had ended. That Monday he got an appointment for a Tuesday discussion by some people he had been interviewing with and today he was made (finally!) an offer.

Is this offer all we wanted? No. Not by a long shot. There will need to be sacrifices made, especially as there is a cut in annual salary (that is made up with a bonus – if it happens). However, the dye has been cast and we are doing what is needed for the time being.

Looks like this three day weekend I’ll be using a U-Haul to pack up daughters room, the rest of our books, the shelves, and most of the barn storage. I’m glad the Universe decided to stop being constipated and give us some movement!


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