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Owls in my Soul

I’ve been reading this blog by Mi-Shell and I have to tell you she is the real deal. This is her post about Owls, yet really, please take time to read her entire blog.

Shamanic Drum

The Owl is my Miahanit, what some people here would call “nagual Medicine Guide” and very sacred to me.

It came through the family through my heritage. Owl was the Guide of my Siberian great grandmother, and my grandmother on my father’s side of the family; (Siberian First Nation) But also my Gypsy grandmother had an Owl as a Guardian and for a while had a tame Screech Owl living in her bender and in later years there was another one, Kautze, living in the hole of the Apple Tree of her small garden plot.

The Owl is the Power that aids and guides me when I work with sick people, to find what is wrong, to find and “see” cancer cells and to work with terminally ill people.

I wear Owl feathers in my braids and also always have some on my ritual drums and regalia.

Native people fear…

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Grenwinae’s father passed away in his sleep at home Friday morning. He had entered the hospital this summer with worsening health, and while this wasn’t totally unexpected it was still a surprise because he seemed to be improving (but slowly).

However, we all recognize he would not have wanted to lose his mental abilities or become bedridden with a slow decline. He also crossed over at home, not in a hospital, and in his sleep. From the position of the body, it doesn’t seem he was in a lot of pain and that can’t be said of many people’s endings.

Life is frail.

We need to up the Mojo

We had a great house cleansing but I think we need to put up some stronger protection spells!

Monday we got hit by a not-so-nice house related surprise. It will be worked out and in the long run is probably what we needed to do anyway but still… time consuming and worrisome.

Today, I got another summons for JURY DUTY! This will make my fourth or fifth time to do jury duty! It’s like I’m a magnet for county to serve me! It’s a week of boring and lost money for me as I am now paid by the hour. This sucks for the budget but I’ll go do my civic duty and spend lunch with Grenwinae at his new downtown job. Hopefully, I won’t be picked again for a jury though as sitting on one kinda sucks.

So up in Missouri I had the burned ashes of Owl and I was planning on putting together a boundary protection for that property using those remains and other ingredients. Since this has come up, I think I need to get a move on, on that don’t you?


House Cleansing 101

There’s nothing better than coming back home after a trip. Instead of curling up with a good book, today, we are doing our house ceremony which will take much of the day.

First Step – clean the house. Remove the smoke alarms. Set a pot to boil containing sliced lemons, cloves, rosemary and salt. Upstairs we will do the same with a crock pot.

Open the windows, start up the laundry for all the bed materials, flip the bed mattresses. Clean the stove. Wipe mirrors clean. Clean the oven, microwave and clear out the fridge. Empty all trash. Clean all toilets and sinks.

Shake out the house with noise! Start the homemade bread.

Some Pins I’ll be doing today:

Lemon and Rosemary (added cloves and salt)

Cleaning your Stove (vinegar and baking soda)
or use ammonia

Cleaning your stovetop burners (this really works!)

Mildew off tubs and faucets (bleach or hydrogen peroxide)

Carpet cleaner (Borax with Baking Soda, scented with Lavender)
I’ll be using this on the mattresses also – or you could try this recipe for mattresses

Homemade dusting cloth

Making this orange cleaner

Cleaning the microwave

Mirror cleaner (uses lavender, you could also use Rosemary)
many more glass cleaning recipes here
I used the second pin, first recipe and added the strained water from the Rosemary and Lemon (see first recipe)

If you follow any Feng Shui principles – or at the very least, common sense – pay especial attention in the bathrooms where the shit goes – and openings such as doors and windows. I’m not superstitious but mirrors show an alternate reality – they reflect and move light and energy through the house. Have an awareness of where they are. When it comes to the front entrance, invite in, protect and banish all in one go.

Second Step –

When we have the major cleaning done and waiting on laundry etc… we going to reclaim our space by putting out some of our personal belongings, hanging pictures etc… as we are coming back here and making it our own again. Along with that we will return to our “get home finished” remodeling list. Update what we want to do. Get some prices and links to things we need to do. Lay out a plan.

Some other good ideas at this point:

If your towels are threadbare, replace. Need new sheets or pillows? Refill all your soap dispensers in the house. Go through your kitchen cabinets and make a list of what essential items you are missing and replace (i.e. herbs, salt, baking soda, oils, flours etc…).

Put out a new welcome mat and write on the back of it what you invite in and what you cast out. Replace your locks or doorknobs with new or changed entry codes.

Go through your computer and phone and delete addresses and numbers you no longer need – block those you need too. Check over your emergency preparedness – do you have needed papers in one place? flashlights and candles? emergency numbers?

If using salt, and you have time to prepare you may want to bless your salt beforehand. (BTW you can also make your own Rosemary Salt or Basil salt

Smudging (be sure to do all four corners of the room, the windows and doors, mirrors, computers, cell phones). We decided to go through the house counter clockwise (widdershins) as we were unraveling. We decided to go with incense cones for this from an individual at Etsy

Sage – dispels and casts out (exorcism, protection, purification)

Cedar – dispels and protects (purification, healing, cleansing, protection)

If you don’t want to use smoke, try making your own room freshener. I especially liked the Rosemary – Grapefruit – Peppermint

Or try a diffuser recipe using essential oils

Final Step –

“All good things that wish us well

Bless this home while here we dwell”

Smudging (be sure to do all four corners of the room, the windows and doors, mirrors, computers, cell phones). Our last step was to do this clockwise to bring in and seal.

Sweetgrass – inviting in the good (bringer of good energy, seals, and calls in good spirits). Instead of buying sweetgrass from some large, anonymous retailer, I found some from an individual on Etsy I also bought this in an incense cone

At the end of the day, fellowship over a good hearty meal and breaking of homemade bread.

BTW remember to replace your smoke alarms with new batteries 🙂

Done and not yet Gone

Being sucked into human drama really pisses me off. I turned 50 in August and yeah, that has something to do about why I get pissed off about human drama. Human drama leads to NOTHING. Nothing gets done, nothing gets changed, nothing gets improved, no one benefits. It’s just the shit people want to clutter their life up with.

And at 50, I like my life uncluttered.

Human drama is why I limit my interactions with people.


The good news is Yea! I have finished my training this week and have one full day in Seattle to do stuff for me… what to do?

oh yeah much better way to spend the day by seeing Sea Otters at the Aquarium

Owl reaches out to knock me upside the head

Yesterday I had three contacts from Owl. First, was seeing an Owl statue, one of those outdoor plastic owls used to scare off other birds (I also saw one when I was in Vancouver). Next, my boss told me a story about an owl attacking a cap a friend was wearing when he was walking through a park in my hometown; and last was this story about the Owl at the wedding.

I think it meant the dream that morning (which I’ve already posted about) was Owl sent.

Owl has to reach me how he can considering I’m in the middle of downtown Seattle right now.

Horse Dream – doing what is needed and right

I had a very strong dream this morning. Before I go into what I was about, I want to explain that when I left Oklahoma for my business trip I brought a pendant with me.

This pendant holds a turquoise (often used as a charm by riders – the Native American and Mongols – as a ward against horse accidents) and a silver stamped pendant that has a triskele on one side and a trio of Celtic horses on the other. I brought this because I was thinking of horse strength and endurance, not only for the trip but for my medical situation.

I also brought a little mala (of 28 beads for the 28 days of a woman’s cycle) composed of alternating rough beads of Carnelian and Brecciated Jasper.

Last night I slept with both and this is the Power Dream I had:

I have bought a new horse home. It is a large, 16 hand, Thoroughbred type, colored deep chestnut and almost a bay in color. The impression I have in the dream is that I received him as his “last chance for a home.” It immediately becomes apparent why everyone has given up on him – he is extremely reactive and in a manner that is dangerous to himself and those around him.

This horse becomes so reactive that he (it was a gelding in the dream), throws himself backwards in a trailer, flailing to the point he could have broken his leg, back or neck.

In the dream, I make the decision to have him humanely euthanized and buried on the property where I am boarding my horses.

I once owned a horse that was calm until you tried to ride her. At that point she reared and tried to smash you by going over. This is an extremely dangerous behavior and I sold her on the caveat she was never to be a riding horse – the people immediately tried to ride her and became injured.

In retrospect, I always regretted that I never sent her back (for free) to the person who sold her too me or that I didn’t have her humanely destroyed. She was an accident (literally) waiting to happen that could have (and probably has by now) resulted in serious injury.

Last week the discussion arose that I might have to euthanize my 20 plus year old gelding as age is catching up with him. For those not horse savvy why this has to be discussed and planned is that disposing of a 1200 pound horse is not an easy situation.

For example, most horse owners opt for rendering. This is where the meat man shows up, chops up the horses’ body and than disposes of the meat (in my area) to the zoo. I don’t think the spirit resides in dead flesh and I am going for cremation myself, and I know horses are prey animals and this is all a cycle of life etc… etc… however, these horses are my friends – not work or farm animals – and I couldn’t cope with that type of “ending.”

On the surface you would think this dream is only revolving around a horse that I will need to make a sad decision about – probably in the next 18 months – yet, I know my unconscious. It is far more symbolic and tricky than surface impressions.

I believe this is also a shadow dream reflecting the health situation. I will do what I need to do – take care of what I need to take care – even if it is unpleasant and sorrowful. This dream was showing that I had the strength and compassion to make the right decision even for something that is as horrible as ending a life, let alone ripping out my uterus.

It’s the first power dream I’ve had in a long time. Probably the first since I moved away from Missouri back in May.

Druid Animal Oracle – cross reading

Before I left I did a joint reading of my Animal Oracle cards in a cross spread.
In the order that the cards are placed, this is how I’ve read them.

The center card #1 was the Ram reversed – strive to be cooperative, don’t bang heads simply to bang heads. Don’t be argumentative just for the sake of being so. I am going on my trip to the second week of training and so this reminds not to get “into it” with these people who I disagree with strongly. Grenwinae is being reminded to be cooperative at work and open to the ideas at the new job.

The Ram can also denote sacrifice and in this instance we have the sacrifice of leaving Missouri, which was a beautiful state with much connection to the earth for us – as well as the reduction in money, and my sacrifice to attend this training because it takes me away from family and enables me to keep my job.

Being at the core, it’s connected to every card…

The east card #2 was the Salmon – this card has appeared several times and seems connected to our return from Missouri back to Oklahoma. It is in the emotional area and being in the east position it could also be tied to new beginnings.

The salmon has to fight hard to win it’s way back home. The Salmon also carries wisdom and knowledge. While we both are excited about being together there is also the challenges of making it work.

When reading the directions you can go a Wiccan path or a Druid connection. I personally prefer the Native American way because it makes better sense to me and is not as didactic. The Salmon is in the east position – where the sun rises, new beginnings and births, the start of something.

The south card #3 was Adder reversed – The adder to the Druids (and other cultures) had the power of healing. Here it is reversed, a reminder to use our snake abilities to heal, not to wound. It might be time to examine if we need healing ourselves and where we can turn our talents to that endeavor.

This was a reading for us together and it can’t be forgotten that Grenwinae started a new job the day after this reading – and I am going to the doctors on the 23rd with the possibility of a future surgery hanging over my head.

The south position is one of the summer and full strength. For me the adder reversed here means something physical and since I am facing some medical issues, I believe this is where this card is coming from. I need to focus on turning illness to health, damaged areas to be healed.

The west card #4 was the Wren. From something small can come great thing – quickness and vitality. On the card is a nest as well as the storm as the wren is tied to Taranis, the god of thunder. The male and female wren shares household task of taking care of the young.

The wren is also linked to migration and the wren makes several nests some as dummies either to entice the female or to fool predators, which is apt considering our recent move. Home, and the nature of home, has become really, really important to us at this time.

The west is the place of dreams (the west country often meant a mysterious place, or a place you would only go after death – death could mean the shamanic journey also). Here the card is tied to our home and I’ve written before that this separation and now union of myself and Grenwinae has shown to me that home is wherever we are together and nothing about place.

The north card #5 was the Water Dragon – another card that has appeared not only with Grenwinae (who the water dragon is a power guide) but also with his job changes. It appeared when I did the reading about coming to the first training and now I’m going to the second training. Water is connected to the emotions and being a Dragon could get fierce.

The north wind is a changing wind. It can bring the cold forces of winter, or a cooling breeze during the summer. From the Water Dragon’s position here we may be swept around by emotion, a small boat in turbulent waters.


When reading this four direction cross, I also took note of the relationships of the north (Water Dragon) and south (Adder) cards. Taking these together we may have some emotional turbulence we need to heal and remember not to repeat patterns of behavior from the past that can hurt each other.

Or it may be (which I think is more likely) a physical illness that will bring out some strong emotions. The later I am already seeing as I ended up in the ER over Labor Day and now I have a doctor’s appointment next Monday to discuss options.

Reading the east (Salmon) with the west (Wren), we have the wisdom to know where our real home is, as well as the ability (small but mighty) to care for our family. This I think is very spiritual as we are learning more that it is not about where we are but that we are together – not only Grenwinae and I, but our two children – a son who will soon be 20 and who s attending college, and our teen daughter, soon to be 16, who needed to return to a school where she felt better accepted for who she was.

At the crux is a card that is encouraging us to let go of our animosity and need to be right – and to give in to the sacrifice and willingness to be cooperative, even when we feel kinda bitchy inside.