Yea, I’m back! Yack, I’m leaving again!

Grenwinae is home. I think it’s finally sinking in that he won’t be leaving on Sunday. Instead I will be leaving tomorrow for a second trip for another weeklong training.

I am not as worried as I was before but I am still cautious. I am working on something to bring with me – another fluorite which I’ve come to love as it is so active and tingley. And a Smokey Quartz.

I’ve also got a mixture of Carnelian and Brecciated Jasper rough beads. This is to work with due to my female issues. I have a doctor appointment when I get back from the trip to discuss what the future holds in regards to the symptoms I am having and the situation.

Right now the beads are sitting in a bowl made from clay and my favorite horse’ hair, with a tooth from from my latest horse partner and pink Himalayan sea salt. Horse is strength and have been a part of my life since I was five years old and both of these horses are/were mares (for those who don’t know, mature female horses). Tomorrow, I’ll have Grenwinae give them Reiki before I head off with them.

And I have my computer! and it’s working so even though I’ll be on the trip, I’ll be posting some updates.


If you have a horse you want to memorialize,
do a search for Horsehair raku pottery for many different artisans.

BTW the goddess figurines were made for me by Shakti Studios



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