House Cleansing and Blessing

We’ve been meaning to do a house cleansing ritual for some time. I return home late Saturday night and this Sunday, September 22nd is the Fall (Autumnal) Equinox (Mabon or Mea’n Fo’mhair). This seems to be the perfect time to get this “chore” done – clear out the old, welcome the new, change the season and the tide of affairs in general.

Let’s face it the house has had some pretty nasty energy in it. Last summer we had a roommate who shared the house with my son (myself, Grenwinae, and daughter were in Missouri) and the young man acted like a perfect asshole. Than we had a 2nd roommate that had to cut her lease short due to health issues with her partner. The third roommate worked out but still it was a stranger living here and dealing with it all is irritating and frustrating.

Now we have all returned to live together in a house that sadly needs repair. It’s time to clear the air – literally and figuratively.

There’s lots of information out on the Internet about rituals for cleansing and blessing but it really comes down to does it mean anything to you?

1.) I want all four of us to participate. The kids don’t practice and that is fine by me. But I think they would be great noisemakers running through the house banging pots and pans! I’ll probably want to put on some very loud music too!

2.) Every space needs ritual – that includes garage, laundry room and attic (and cellar if you have one), starting from the lowest point to the highest (we have a 2 story house).

3.) Smoke, salt or water could be used. Today, my order of homemade incense cones from Little Hippy Mama arrived! Just in time! I also have some lovely bells I will be using.

4.) Pets need to be safely contained and out of the way. All of this will be full of racquet and noise. That wouldn’t make them happy.

5.) Dancing, shouting and laughing is all to be encouraged!

6.) I want to fix up a house wish/altar space. With that in mind I bought a cardboard box shaped like a house. This will be used along with some stones to make a little space for well being, comfort, and safety to the inhabitants. I’ll plan on putting it at the front entry which opens to the East.

If you have suggestions please post 🙂


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