House Cleansing 101

There’s nothing better than coming back home after a trip. Instead of curling up with a good book, today, we are doing our house ceremony which will take much of the day.

First Step – clean the house. Remove the smoke alarms. Set a pot to boil containing sliced lemons, cloves, rosemary and salt. Upstairs we will do the same with a crock pot.

Open the windows, start up the laundry for all the bed materials, flip the bed mattresses. Clean the stove. Wipe mirrors clean. Clean the oven, microwave and clear out the fridge. Empty all trash. Clean all toilets and sinks.

Shake out the house with noise! Start the homemade bread.

Some Pins I’ll be doing today:

Lemon and Rosemary (added cloves and salt)

Cleaning your Stove (vinegar and baking soda)
or use ammonia

Cleaning your stovetop burners (this really works!)

Mildew off tubs and faucets (bleach or hydrogen peroxide)

Carpet cleaner (Borax with Baking Soda, scented with Lavender)
I’ll be using this on the mattresses also – or you could try this recipe for mattresses

Homemade dusting cloth

Making this orange cleaner

Cleaning the microwave

Mirror cleaner (uses lavender, you could also use Rosemary)
many more glass cleaning recipes here
I used the second pin, first recipe and added the strained water from the Rosemary and Lemon (see first recipe)

If you follow any Feng Shui principles – or at the very least, common sense – pay especial attention in the bathrooms where the shit goes – and openings such as doors and windows. I’m not superstitious but mirrors show an alternate reality – they reflect and move light and energy through the house. Have an awareness of where they are. When it comes to the front entrance, invite in, protect and banish all in one go.

Second Step –

When we have the major cleaning done and waiting on laundry etc… we going to reclaim our space by putting out some of our personal belongings, hanging pictures etc… as we are coming back here and making it our own again. Along with that we will return to our “get home finished” remodeling list. Update what we want to do. Get some prices and links to things we need to do. Lay out a plan.

Some other good ideas at this point:

If your towels are threadbare, replace. Need new sheets or pillows? Refill all your soap dispensers in the house. Go through your kitchen cabinets and make a list of what essential items you are missing and replace (i.e. herbs, salt, baking soda, oils, flours etc…).

Put out a new welcome mat and write on the back of it what you invite in and what you cast out. Replace your locks or doorknobs with new or changed entry codes.

Go through your computer and phone and delete addresses and numbers you no longer need – block those you need too. Check over your emergency preparedness – do you have needed papers in one place? flashlights and candles? emergency numbers?

If using salt, and you have time to prepare you may want to bless your salt beforehand. (BTW you can also make your own Rosemary Salt or Basil salt

Smudging (be sure to do all four corners of the room, the windows and doors, mirrors, computers, cell phones). We decided to go through the house counter clockwise (widdershins) as we were unraveling. We decided to go with incense cones for this from an individual at Etsy

Sage – dispels and casts out (exorcism, protection, purification)

Cedar – dispels and protects (purification, healing, cleansing, protection)

If you don’t want to use smoke, try making your own room freshener. I especially liked the Rosemary – Grapefruit – Peppermint

Or try a diffuser recipe using essential oils

Final Step –

“All good things that wish us well

Bless this home while here we dwell”

Smudging (be sure to do all four corners of the room, the windows and doors, mirrors, computers, cell phones). Our last step was to do this clockwise to bring in and seal.

Sweetgrass – inviting in the good (bringer of good energy, seals, and calls in good spirits). Instead of buying sweetgrass from some large, anonymous retailer, I found some from an individual on Etsy I also bought this in an incense cone

At the end of the day, fellowship over a good hearty meal and breaking of homemade bread.

BTW remember to replace your smoke alarms with new batteries 🙂


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