We need to up the Mojo

We had a great house cleansing but I think we need to put up some stronger protection spells!

Monday we got hit by a not-so-nice house related surprise. It will be worked out and in the long run is probably what we needed to do anyway but still… time consuming and worrisome.

Today, I got another summons for JURY DUTY! This will make my fourth or fifth time to do jury duty! It’s like I’m a magnet for county to serve me! It’s a week of boring and lost money for me as I am now paid by the hour. This sucks for the budget but I’ll go do my civic duty and spend lunch with Grenwinae at his new downtown job. Hopefully, I won’t be picked again for a jury though as sitting on one kinda sucks.

So up in Missouri I had the burned ashes of Owl and I was planning on putting together a boundary protection for that property using those remains and other ingredients. Since this has come up, I think I need to get a move on, on that don’t you?



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