An Owl Dreams of Me Last Night

I’ll be re-blogging or posting links here where people talk about owls. I think it will be great to read these different perspectives and have a collection of wisdom which I can refer and learn from.

House of Magical Illimuniation

Last night I had a deep slumber. I had slowly fallen into a comfortable sleep and immediately began dreaming.

I was in a comfortable cabin room. The scent of pine entered the room with a short breeze. I was sitting comfortably on a small couch. My cat Seymour was asleep on the back of this couch, as is his way. On my shoulder was perched a large black Owl.

The Owl was comfortable with me. He gaze divided between myself and Seymour. He lazily began to clean himself off using his beak and small tongue. I was awed at this majestic creature so close to me, but took it in a natural stride.

I understood that I was to help the Owl clean himself and began to gently remove loose feathers with short, soft strokes of my palm. Some feathers came loose immediately, while others needed the slightest of tugs…

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