Did someone curse my cow?

If you looked back on my blog you might think from all the events happening that we are jinxed, hexed or generally cursed. Well, I don’t believe that. Let me write again, I don’t believe in that shit. The idea that someone can curse me to make my cow’s milk go dry? Really? Do you also believe frogs spontaneously generate from mud?

Or that the Universe has it “out for me” and is trying to destroy me? Or punish me? Or make me stronger? I’m pretty strong already so I think the Universe knows that. It can put aside it’s work on that score.


Have I had people do me harm? Oh, yes. When I was in public school and later college I was plagued with people who, I guess jealousy or not enough to do, thought taking pot shots at my reputation was a national sport. So what? In the end they were served, by that All-Knowing Universe exactly what they deserved.

Case in point: girl wanted my boyfriend. While I dated him, she spread rumors (unbeknownst to me) about my sexuality. We broke up after a few months as we had nothing in common. Girl got her man! She got pregnant the last year of high school, and his big shot plans to go away on scholarship was trashed. A year later they divorced. That plan worked out for all concerned didn’t it!?

Another case in point: best friend wanted my job (what I often refer to as my hell job). BF got me fired. What a ruckus! Very sad. In the long run I should have left those people long ago (had put in my notice 3 times!). Bitch got fired three month into the job (I lasted 10 months) and the owners filed a very messy, humiliating and public bankruptcy – losing millions of dollars – a year later. Who got served? Me or them?

So there isn’t reason to be worked up about people. People get what they deserve and I’m not going to sully my soul – or WORSE! waste my time! getting even.


So what about defense and protection? I come from a family of wolf children. My birth sign is Leo. My kids have always been protected. My husband is protected. And if anyone wants to hurt them they will have to come through me first.

The only difference the centuries and veneer of civilization has changed is that instead of getting in public knife fights is that I use deafening logic, legal contracts, the police, and common sense to win my battles.

Case in point – the little college aged punk who rented a room from us last summer and thought he would stir up trouble. Well, that completely backfired on him as I had the law on my side, having done my research, and the little punk got punk’d as well as his pompous father (and I got money out of it).

However, what I’ve learned about life is that the people who make the most noise – stomping around and throwing threats – are far more hurt (or revenged upon if you prefer) by not getting what they want. And what they want is to get you upset. They want you wasting your time and energy all focused upon them. They want to be the center of your universe and denying them the status of the Sun is the biggest way to piss them off and thus win.

Case in point – someone was unhappy with their bill at the office. They ended up trying to provoke one of the doctors into a physical altercation. Personally, I just showed him the door and proceeded to call the police. That is what the police are for. I am not going gangsta on you and waste my time. You are not worth it.

These kind of folk are all about the drama and being raised by “dramatic” wolves, I just don’t need that crap in my life. Crap is to be flushed down the toilet, not played with.

Living your life well IS the best revenge. PERIOD.


Girfriends will betray you, money is more often a plague than a blessing, illnesses happen never at the “best time”, jobs don’t work out, and loved ones pass away.

Life moves forward and it has it’s cycles. If you are a student of history (hand raised) you recognize the cycles of movements (call it energy or chi or Tao if you like). What is inevitable is life is a rollercoaster and getting off the ride is not an option I want. I might scream during the plummets but I know that I’m staying in that car.

And no, I don’t think my cow has been cursed.

And if it was cursed, maybe I need to clean my own house and find out what I’m doing… like letting the wrong weed grow in my pasture.




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