Animal Guide Reading by Elena

I have faith in myself to know many things however, I also know that it’s foolish not to seek out advice or to listen to something new. I felt I needed a fresh perspective, maybe a kick in the pants, a fresh insight – so  decided to ask for a 3 card reading from Elena at her Black Crow Red Fox on Etsy (blog here).

I thought at the least it would give me a new perspective. She has given me permission to put what she sent me here on my blog:

Card 1 was Spider

“Trust the creative spark you’re feeling and express it through writing stories that inspire and enlighten.”

Spider comes forward as a reminder that you are the weaver of your own destiny, the artist that fills in the canvas that is your own life. Spider is a totem of empowerment, of artistry, and of standing in your own power to create the life you want to live.

I recently wrote a blog post about the spider totem, and shadow totems in general describing how animals that are often feared or found repulsive often carry important messages from our shadow side that we are often too afraid to acknowledge or hear. I recently had spider enter my life as a messenger/shadow totem in order to give me the message that I am in charge of my own destiny, and that I have the choice of either standing powerful and strong and pursuing the life that I want with full accountability, or not, and allowing life itself to take the lead and merely react to my circumstances.

Spider is powerful in this way, because she reminds us that we are accountable, that we are responsible and this is all true because we are so powerful as manifesters and co-creators with the divine. Spider also brings the gift of creativity.

Work with spider to connect more deeply with your creative side. She is the true Artist of nature, and she creates beauty and symmetry in each of her creations. Her art is her sustenance, the way that she provides for herself. This speaks of reaching deep down within and finding a way that you can sustain and nourish yourself through your creative passions. Remember this: you weave your own web. Your life is in your hands. What do you want to create with it?

My thoughts: Spider is an Animal Guide for my husband, Grenwinae. Often when I’ve had readings done for me, his essence seems to lay like a twin beside my own. This has happened too many times for me to ignore, and it is probably because our lives are so entwined that even the Powers and Presences recognize it.

This card could be Spider reaching out to me through Grenwinae to teach me something – or for me to awaken Grenwinae to Spiders’ attention. Sometimes our Animal Guides have gone through the other to reach their primary target. This reading happened before the final turn in my father-in-law’s illness so may have been re: the Web of Life.

It could also be about building my home – making a web at work – constructing something to catch something – a web of communication.

Card 2 was Owl (Hawaiian Pueo)

“Your ancestral spirit guides are offering you guidance now, so pay close attention to signs and omens from them.”

Something about this card feels very fitting to me to receive during this reading. Not only the Hawaiian owl, but owls in general are coming through, offering their wisdom, magic, psychic abilities and mystery. This card speaks of receiving messages from ancestral spirit guides, but I believe that it is bringing up that the owl himself will bring you messages from the spirit world, and help you to develop your intuitive abilities.

Owl is all about deep inner knowledge coming from the source, the higher self. He helps you to understand how to access the deep knowledge of the cosmos that you always have access to. He encourages clairvoyance, clairaudience, lucid dreaming, and clear knowing that comes from your divine higher self.

Owl is a guide, speaking to you on dark nights of the soul, and giving you the wisdom you need to navigate the labyrinths of life. I am getting a clear feeling that owl is one of your primary guides in this lifetime, or is at least stepping up in full as a messenger totem at this time, and if the latter is the case, his messages are very important for you to hear right now.

There may be an urge to study new areas of interest in order to develop your passions and career at this time, and he will be there to help you in this arena as well. Call on owl for help whenever you need a guide in the dark, a wise teacher and companion, and a guide to mastering your intuition and psychic abilities.

My thoughts: the week I received this, I was in Seattle Washington and had posted that Owl was trying to reach out to me. Owls message I wasn’t so sure of. Owl doesn’t speak to me directly like Vulture and Hawk. There’s a lot of enigmatic staring going on with Owl yet Owl has always been the constant in terms of communication and presence.

Like my horses, I have a great affinity with Owl. It’s like Owl and I agree on so many things about the world, someone would point us out as sisters. I will write more about Owl in the upcoming weeks.

BTW when I read up on this little Hawaiian Owl the information on their endangered status is very sad. I hope people in Hawaii can find a way to help these little creatures continue.

Card 3 Humpback Whale

“Music is essential to your healing and well-being, whether singing, playing an instrument or listening.”

The whale is an animal of gentle power. She is large, powerful, yet gentle, peaceful and intelligent. She teaches you that you can hold your ground, be powerful and step into your power fully while being loving, kind and gentle.

I believe that you have whale medicine because you are very powerful, but at the same time, you are a very kind and loving person. Whale reminds you that you can stand up for yourself, and speak your truth. Whale song is beautiful and highly advanced form of communication.

I believe she is trying to tell you that it is safe for you to be powerful and stand your ground, letting your voice be heard while being loving, gentle and kind. It is ok to assert boundaries for others, and you can do this while being nice. Let your voice be heard: after all your opinion is valid and what you have to say is very valuable.

Since she is an ocean animal, and water relates to the emotions, I am picking up that writing in a journal could be very helpful to you, because she speaks so much of communication. This way, you will find a way of releasing painful emotions while exercising your throat chakra, the energy center in the body that is all about communication and knowledge.

In fact, now that I think about it, your first card also spoke of expression through writing, and this one encourages musical expression or appreciation. Perhaps this is a sign for you that creativity of some form will be useful in your life, and will help you to enjoy your life and become a more empowered and happy person. In what ways can you use creativity in your life?

There are so many creative activities: the usual suspects like painting, drawing, sculpting, playing an instrument and writing, but there are so many others as well, such as cooking, organizing, making jewelry, ceramics, singing, dance…it is really endless. Doing some creative activity that you feel drawn to will be very helpful in helping you to relax, get excited about life, have fun and find happiness. It is great stress relief as well.

My thoughts: this was the most interesting card to me because it was unexpected and it was so apropos. In the last 4 weeks I have been in Vancouver, Canada, and in Seattle, Washington (I was there when I received this in my email)  – both times for work. Both areas are known for whale watching.

Because I went to these areas for work related training, and because of the situation at work due to that training – I feel Humpback Whale is telling me I have the strength and character to deal with the power I’ve been given as well as stick to my beliefs of who I am and what I will and will not do.

Being “middle management” I need to protect and nurture the “little guy” at work while bringing down the message from the owner as to what our goals and business needs are. This puts me in a sandwich position or between the Rock and the Hard Place!

Right now I need to dig deep for that creative side because I feel drained on many levels. This week I’ll get me some whale “music” to listen too for a de-stressing activity and perhaps to help me remember Whales’ lessons.


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