A Portent of nothing? and House Protection

I had a dream of receiving a letter from my mother. In the dream my name, written in her distinctive handwriting, was exceptionally clear. A message seems to be awaiting…Hm.

We are replacing the entry floor at the front door, which faces east. We are putting together something to signify this new time in the same house. I’ll post more about what we have done later.
After we did the cleaning house ritual, it seemed we got hit by several nasty things, yet in the long run were they really a big deal? Life has it downs with it’s ups and stuff simply happens, however I would appreciate things happening in a lesser state 🙂
The financial situation got cleared up and we ended up having extra money to not worry during the distressing time after Grenwinae’s dad’s death. We are able to put money back into the house AND pay off  few of my medical bills incurred over Labor Day.
The jury duty I have postponed and will be doing it the week before Thanksgiving.
I am awaiting a call back from a lawyer regarding a situation. I know the answer and just need it confirmed in legal-language.

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