Magic trick

We are replacing the wood floor in our entry. It was installed over concrete when the house was built and the plan is to put in new wood flooring in the entry and the two adjacent rooms. The night before last, we did a ceremony of protection at the front door and the windows in these rooms.

No one in the house uses the front door – we usually come through the garage. So the front door is more of an entrance to friends, strangers and those other elements of uncertainty. It faces East and while we did our ceremony the candle on the east side of the circle burnt down faster than the other three. It could have been a draft, or it could have been we have a lot of energy coming through – energy that needs to be sorted, harnessed and if necessary, rebuffed. It’s a portal for information, and presences, physical or not.

Now you see it…
…now you don’t.

We discussed what we wanted changed from the last 15 years in the house and reaffirmed we were in control of our own destiny:

To manage our income and expenses better by being more aware, taking responsibility and being creative with our work to bring in income;

To finish the remodeling of the house in the next 18 months or less;

To repair the house structure, as it needs exterior repair, paint, roofing, another AC unit and termite protection updated;

To encourage peace, joy, harmony and happiness by allowing in what is beneficial and rejecting harmful elements.

For some reason, I felt far more at peace this time around than I did when we did the house ceremony before. I actually think the physical symbols on the floor give me more comfort than I though they would.

For those interested we used Home Protection Incense from Little Hippie Mama.


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