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Rabbit’s evasive maneuvers

We had a beautiful full moon on a cloudless night sky so I set out some of my new stones to be cleansed. During the time in the yard, Grenwinae surprised a bunny.

Rabbits seem to be very connected to money and evading authority as we found out a day or so later that we would not be charged a huge fine we were expecting! Thanks Rabbit!


I have been on jury duty, so have been a bit slower than usual this week.



On the way to the horses, I saw two hawks (most likely Red Tailed) crisscrossing the sky.

A buck crossing the road, later a yearling deer trying to seek cover.

Two massive Hawks sitting side by side in a tree, so close they were clearly a mated pair.

Earth Answers

In Ye Olden Dayes, I’d worry about the quality of the harvest. Did we plant enough? Harvest enough? Store enough?… to survive? Today, it’s just money. So sordid and secular but money pays for the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the transportation to get to my job, and supplies for those I care and love, both human and animal.

I have two money concerns – one is my job and one is my personal finances. For me to succeed, my job must succeed and I must be able to harvest enough money for the business to survive so I can survive and, hopefully, prosper. At the crux of the matter, is that I would be able to get the business moving the right direction – with a lot of kicking, screaming, whining, and hair pulling. But yes, I have the potential. Do I have the energy and the desire?

Today, I asked Earth for guidance, strength and wisdom.

I started by cleansing the stones I wanted to use all with smoke from a Home Protection incense cone and a loose incense Prosperity blend (Hippie Mama). The business I work for needs a cleansing itself, as well as protection, in addition to Prosperity, so this seemed to make sense to me.

Brecciated Jasper – for strength, stability, organization and get it done. A stone, in various forms, I’ve used it a lot for strength and power.

Citrine – energy feels like fizzy bubbles going down your tongue. I had to remind them to quiet down – no tricksy ways which they have done in the past! I needed stable, consistent income from clients who we could help with compassion and who could pay!

Pyrite cubes – a quieter energy, steady and reserved.

Malachite – even wanted to help this time.

Clear Quartz – to power up the other stones.

Mixed with 3 gold coins and the Prosperity blend.

The large stone on the right (photo) is called Tiger Iron: a combination of Tigers Eye, Hematite and Jasper. Once I received it (want one too? go here), it was much larger and heavier than I ever expected. When you hold it you feel as if you are on a down elevator straight into the deep caverns of the Earth. It spoke of heavy, weighty things and I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.

I used it today to call upon Earth.


Thoughts came to me like birds, landing on my head:

1.) Focus. I need to not be distracted. At work it is easy to be pulled to other fires that need to be stomped out.

2.) Organization. I’m working from the ground up. There is little to nothing in place and I will have to build the framework of the house.

3.) Relentless. It’s exhausting the amount of energy needed but we need to keep feeding the fire with fuel. Make sure the flame doesn’t go out.

4.) Consistency. The spiking up and down rollercoaster needs to be a steady climb.

The Druid Oracle Cards

Owl Reversed (Owl is one of my Power Guides) ~ Now is not the time to be secretive or to draw back from what needs to be done. This card, like the Hind reversed, reminds me I need to be fully present in the secular world at this time. Mysterious and All-Seeing Owl Power discommodes people and is not a team player; that power is for another time.

Cat ~ The cat has the power to observe, knows when to conserve energy and to pounce. It unobtrusively observes to know when the time is ripe for action. Curiosity can aid me in uncovering what I need to be successful.

Bee ~ The card of industry and harmony among the workers – production. I’ve pulled this card often when it comes to work. I need to foster the team, working together, and not be a Lone Owl hunting Alone. Everyone needs to know their place in the hive and contribute.

The last few times I’ve asked for guidance, it seems the Elementals responded, specifically Air. Thinking upon it I didn’t need the mercurial aspects of Air, the cleansing of Water, or the Destruction and Regeneration of Fire. To me Earth represented the nurturing, strength, stability and wisdom I would need if I am to make it through the next six months and get this business turned around in the right direction.

Earth knows the right time for growth and harvest. Earth isn’t sentimental but does what is needed to be done, in it’s Season. I rang bells and asked Earth what I needed to do. Anyone who has tried to grow anything will immediately understand the response:

Prepare the Garden Bed

Love is hard

Anger is easy.

Love is hard.

I really would rather respond with a base, primal response to people at work that 1.) do not do their job, 2.) lie to me, 3.) say “I didn’t do it” when they clearly did do it, and 4.) Expect me to carry them on my back.

I would rather just give a huge leonine roar to my two kids who tell me 1.) you never do anything for us, 2.) you expect me to do my chores? I have important things to do while you work full time and Grenwinae carries two jobs to make things meet; and 3.) make a drama in a tea cup because you don’t understand how life is so stressful!

Fuck off is so much easier than “hm, let me listen to this and just give love not answers.”

Why is love so much harder? 😦

Gem and Stones for our Homes’ entryway

I’ve been very fascinated by stones and crystals lately. I’ve bought some and while some I had an immediate response to, others I did not. However, I find them very pretty and if “what they do” on  metaphysical plane seems to be more about UPG or one book stating they were told by angels… well hm. Pretty much you’ll have to decide on your own what you think.

One internet post that seems to make the most sense to me is to go by color as to meaning. Color is evocative. Another is what ancient people’s used the stone for. I think our ancestors were far more attuned to nature than we are and if there is a long history of a stone’s use for clairvoyance or protection, well, check it out.

I’ve decided that I will make an altar area in each room, as we complete it (we still have a lot of remodeling to get done) as a sign of completion and to reaffirm our purpose. This is a multi-step process that will take place over months – for example, the sigils placed on the subfloor and covered with the new floor was only the beginning.

One of my centerpieces, is this beautiful piece of Tourmaline from Green Earth Stones (Etsy) ~ energy and healing use, protective against psychic attack, spells or ill-wishing. Disperses negative energy and clears thought.

Photo by Green Earth Stones

Some stones I selected for the table at the front entry.
These are house-centered, for the stability, finances, getting things done,
and moving in the right direction:

Brecciated Jasper – Getting organized and get it done stone. Power and strength.

Citrine – A stone for abundance.

Pyrite – Energizing and abundance.

Tourmalated Quartz – a powerfully lucky stone, combining the properties of quartz with tourmaline.

Clear Quartz, tumbled and points – Amplifies other stones.

Over the door we have a window, and I’ve put a grouping for protection:

Black Obsidian – very protective stone, removes negativity, healing, grounding, centering. Protects against psychic attacks. Helps to manifest, sharpens internal and external vision.

Onyx, black – Protects. Centering, making wise decisions, and happiness. Let go of the physical and relax. Helps with life’s challenges and the draining away of our personal energy. A strength giving stone that grounds and focuses you.

Jet – A black fossilized wood. Neutralizes negative energies, helps you channel energy the direction you want. Stabilizes finances. Psychic protection and purification when combined with tourmaline. A talisman since the Stone Age – an ancient stone for protection.

Snowflake Obsidian – Purity, balances. Protection from physical and emotional harm. Brings the hidden to the surface, and allows positive growth from that knowledge.

Smokey Quartz – ultimate grounding, practical, transmutes negative energies, helps in getting things done. Purges resentment and suppressed conflicts, removes negative energies and brings happiness. Good luck stone. Harmonizes well with black tourmaline, jet, and obsidian.

Clear Quartz, tumbled and points – Amplifies other stones.

I leave for Missouri on Friday and I’ll cleanse the stones in the river and follow that up with smoke.

2 Dreams of a Message

I have a strong dream life so sometimes it can be hard to discern if something is really important and when it is nothing but “a bit of cheese.” Having the journal, and posting about dreams and than seeing what happens helps to sort the wheat from the chafe.

After weeks of seeing no animal guides, I saw a hawk and a vulture on the same day. They were distant on the horizon and no clear message was given.


For the last two days I have had clear dreams of my father in law, who recently passed away.

The first dream I was at a gathering. I think it was a funeral. He was talking to another guest. I was walking by and getting into an elevator. As the elevator doors started to close, I remembered he was dead and I called out to him to come to the elevator before the doors closed. He turned and stared at me. The doors closed.


Last night the dream was stronger. We had moved in, or were vacationing at a cabin in the country. Something was in the house that only I could sense. I walked outside and was trying to understand when my father-in-law appeared on the deck walkway.

I won’t go into all the dream because it had a lot of confused bits that made no sense, but I awoke with a conviction that Grenwinae needed to be told that his father was close and looking after him. I had the feeling that Grenwinae’s father was having trouble reaching him directly, so used me as an intermediary.


I feel conflicted about this because I don’t believe in a presence after death. Yet, when my own father died, I had a strong dream presence of him for years. I chalked that up to my own desires.

When I was down to my In-laws’ home, I felt a strong presence of my father in law. I went into rooms, that felt like he had just left. His voice seemed to have just said something. I felt at the time it was just the strong presence and memory of him in the house for the 25 years I’ve been married to Grewinae. It’s not like I was ever his favorite so there is no personal reason to message me over anyone else.

I have some ambivalence at this point about this but in the spirit of fairness have said what I felt to Grenwinae. While I was telling this to Grenwinae, the fire alarm went off in his building for a drill!

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