2 Dreams of a Message

I have a strong dream life so sometimes it can be hard to discern if something is really important and when it is nothing but “a bit of cheese.” Having the journal, and posting about dreams and than seeing what happens helps to sort the wheat from the chafe.

After weeks of seeing no animal guides, I saw a hawk and a vulture on the same day. They were distant on the horizon and no clear message was given.


For the last two days I have had clear dreams of my father in law, who recently passed away.

The first dream I was at a gathering. I think it was a funeral. He was talking to another guest. I was walking by and getting into an elevator. As the elevator doors started to close, I remembered he was dead and I called out to him to come to the elevator before the doors closed. He turned and stared at me. The doors closed.


Last night the dream was stronger. We had moved in, or were vacationing at a cabin in the country. Something was in the house that only I could sense. I walked outside and was trying to understand when my father-in-law appeared on the deck walkway.

I won’t go into all the dream because it had a lot of confused bits that made no sense, but I awoke with a conviction that Grenwinae needed to be told that his father was close and looking after him. I had the feeling that Grenwinae’s father was having trouble reaching him directly, so used me as an intermediary.


I feel conflicted about this because I don’t believe in a presence after death. Yet, when my own father died, I had a strong dream presence of him for years. I chalked that up to my own desires.

When I was down to my In-laws’ home, I felt a strong presence of my father in law. I went into rooms, that felt like he had just left. His voice seemed to have just said something. I felt at the time it was just the strong presence and memory of him in the house for the 25 years I’ve been married to Grewinae. It’s not like I was ever his favorite so there is no personal reason to message me over anyone else.

I have some ambivalence at this point about this but in the spirit of fairness have said what I felt to Grenwinae. While I was telling this to Grenwinae, the fire alarm went off in his building for a drill!

Grenwinae’s blog and answer


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