Gem and Stones for our Homes’ entryway

I’ve been very fascinated by stones and crystals lately. I’ve bought some and while some I had an immediate response to, others I did not. However, I find them very pretty and if “what they do” on  metaphysical plane seems to be more about UPG or one book stating they were told by angels… well hm. Pretty much you’ll have to decide on your own what you think.

One internet post that seems to make the most sense to me is to go by color as to meaning. Color is evocative. Another is what ancient people’s used the stone for. I think our ancestors were far more attuned to nature than we are and if there is a long history of a stone’s use for clairvoyance or protection, well, check it out.

I’ve decided that I will make an altar area in each room, as we complete it (we still have a lot of remodeling to get done) as a sign of completion and to reaffirm our purpose. This is a multi-step process that will take place over months – for example, the sigils placed on the subfloor and covered with the new floor was only the beginning.

One of my centerpieces, is this beautiful piece of Tourmaline from Green Earth Stones (Etsy) ~ energy and healing use, protective against psychic attack, spells or ill-wishing. Disperses negative energy and clears thought.

Photo by Green Earth Stones

Some stones I selected for the table at the front entry.
These are house-centered, for the stability, finances, getting things done,
and moving in the right direction:

Brecciated Jasper – Getting organized and get it done stone. Power and strength.

Citrine – A stone for abundance.

Pyrite – Energizing and abundance.

Tourmalated Quartz – a powerfully lucky stone, combining the properties of quartz with tourmaline.

Clear Quartz, tumbled and points – Amplifies other stones.

Over the door we have a window, and I’ve put a grouping for protection:

Black Obsidian – very protective stone, removes negativity, healing, grounding, centering. Protects against psychic attacks. Helps to manifest, sharpens internal and external vision.

Onyx, black – Protects. Centering, making wise decisions, and happiness. Let go of the physical and relax. Helps with life’s challenges and the draining away of our personal energy. A strength giving stone that grounds and focuses you.

Jet – A black fossilized wood. Neutralizes negative energies, helps you channel energy the direction you want. Stabilizes finances. Psychic protection and purification when combined with tourmaline. A talisman since the Stone Age – an ancient stone for protection.

Snowflake Obsidian – Purity, balances. Protection from physical and emotional harm. Brings the hidden to the surface, and allows positive growth from that knowledge.

Smokey Quartz – ultimate grounding, practical, transmutes negative energies, helps in getting things done. Purges resentment and suppressed conflicts, removes negative energies and brings happiness. Good luck stone. Harmonizes well with black tourmaline, jet, and obsidian.

Clear Quartz, tumbled and points – Amplifies other stones.

I leave for Missouri on Friday and I’ll cleanse the stones in the river and follow that up with smoke.


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