Love is hard

Anger is easy.

Love is hard.

I really would rather respond with a base, primal response to people at work that 1.) do not do their job, 2.) lie to me, 3.) say “I didn’t do it” when they clearly did do it, and 4.) Expect me to carry them on my back.

I would rather just give a huge leonine roar to my two kids who tell me 1.) you never do anything for us, 2.) you expect me to do my chores? I have important things to do while you work full time and Grenwinae carries two jobs to make things meet; and 3.) make a drama in a tea cup because you don’t understand how life is so stressful!

Fuck off is so much easier than “hm, let me listen to this and just give love not answers.”

Why is love so much harder? 😦


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