A Kestrel is shared with me

Before going to bed last night I asked my guides to send me any message they deemed fit in my dreams. I woke up with one very vivid dream in mind and while I cannot convey the magic of it to you with mere words, I felt it:

In the dream, I am in a field, loading the back of my black SUV. It was a clear, sunny day. It seemed to me we had been having some sort of pleasurable outing like a picnic or hike. Grenwinae was there as well as my BFF and someone I knew as her husband (not her husband if you know what I mean).

Off in the treeline to my right was a man in the shadows. In the sky I notice a hawk so look up to watch. In my mind I immediately identified it as a Kestrel. He hovers over me, getting closer. Hovering is typical of Kestrel flying patterns.

His feathered pattern is crystal clear. In reality (not dream time) he is more patterned as a Coopers Hawk which I’ve written about several times in this blog). I can see his eye as he looks at me.

I reach out my left arm, inviting him. Suddenly he lands – lightly, not with the weight of a real bird. He has jesses on his legs and bends down to peck at them, drawing my attention. I know in my dream that his claws should tear my arm as I am in short sleeves but they don’t.

A voice to my right tells me in a friendly voice that he will take his bird back now, and the bird takes flight and lands on the man’s arm – the watcher from the woods who has no face.

I woke up with a good feeling for the day.



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