Awen Spread: work forecast

The day before I quit, I did a Druid Animal Spread and trust me there was nothing there that showed something calamitous was going to happen. I did the Awen Spread and if you want to read about a previous Awen spread here is the post.

First Row (past)

Dog is a guardian, companion, and protector on the journey. He’s about loyalty and has shown up previously connected to Grenwinae’s work. In questions about work, it seems to be about my personal loyalty to myself, to co-works and employers. A feeling of loyalty has always kept me longer at work, working for people unworthy of my skills, and made me swallow down things I probably shouldn’t have.

Adder, reversed was also in my cross spread in September when I left for the second round of training. From a present reading in September to a past position now, in retrospect, I feel this card was about healing myself at/through work. I was able to have a lot of self control on that trip without compromising myself, something that has been hard for me in the past. Still, the card is a bit ambiguous.

Fox is about diplomacy and having the cunning to know when to speak and when to hold council.

Reading these as a line, and looking back over the situation at work, I feel that they are pretty accurate. I was loyal and worked hard to be balanced in my judgment at work and in my training. I was diplomatic with my boss and staff. What the cards don’t reveal is the cost of that time, though I feel I grew in understanding the wear and tear caught up with me later.

Second Row (present)

Wolf has appeared in a reading for Daughter. Here I think it has a lot of the same connotation. A strength and surety in the self. A loyalty that is similar to the Dog but is more of loyalty to self than to another. The dog is to the left of this card, and both are on the top line of the row. I think this shows the shift in my loyalties from being committed to my employer and staff, to moving back to a belief in myself and doing what I need for myself.

Stag Reversed is about Pride. Boy, that one got me! Again, like many of the Animal Oracle cards there is not a plus and negative like you see in traditional Tarot card readings. Was I going to let false pride get in my way? Or should I understand that pride, in it’s place, lets us not be stepped on? I guess you could say my pride was why I left yesterday. However, do I regret it? No.

Sow Reversed was upright during Daughters’ reading. It may mean a bit of famine, especially as my final paycheck will not be large since I quit soon after a pay period. We’ll be a little tighter than we had planned. Again, I don’t see reversed Animal Oracle cards having the devastating meanings that a traditional Tarot deck has and I like that.

Well, unlike the Tarot I don’t think I had a clear indication of exactly what was going to happen the next day – me quitting! The Wolf was the clearest indication of how my mindset has changed from past to present. Instead of the loyal dog using diplomacy, I started looking out for myself (wolf) and what was important to me (Stag, reversed) which will result in a bit of tightening the belt (Sow, reversed).

Third Row (future)

Eagle has shown before in relation to job hunting. It is about widening the view – seeing the entire picture. It also seems to mean for me that a target or goal will be presented soon for me to take aim at. It also seems to be related to job hunting and finding something to grasp.

Water Dragon Reversed has also appeared before in the September reading and with a Grenwinae reading, but is here in a future position. I’ve found this a difficult card to understand. I’ve come to think it’s about our actions being governed by emotional history and not by reason. It’s when we respond to deep emotions that were dictated to us due to previous experiences – yet I also wonder if it might be tied to intuition? Learning to let go enough you can tap into knee-jerk emotional responses so you can also learn how to manage, learn from them, use them or defeat them.

Otter showed up on a spread I did for Grenwinae right after the crap hit the fan at his previous work. It told him not to take stuff so seriously. Look after himself and have some fun. It struck us both as an odd card at the time because things looked pretty dire. Here it repeats itself – things look dire, and I’m being reminded to take off and have fun.

Overall, considering I just quit a job, the future doesn’t look that bleak. I need to widen my thinking, listen to my intuition and be ware of kneejerk emotional reactions – while having some fun!

To tell the truth this is a confusing reading for what happened. It will be interesting to see how things play out over the next 2 months as how it relates here. I think I’ll also redo the cards tonight for more clarification since I’m back on the hunt.


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