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Thanking Rabbit

While in meditation yesterday afternoon, I gave an offering of loose incense to Rabbit: Chamomile, Alfalfa and Red Clover (btw if you have allergies be careful with plant material). I thanked Rabbit for the quick response to my request to receive my paycheck.

I felt some of the tension melt away and had a renewed feeling that all would be okay with this situation. I also promised an offering in the backyard so I’ll be off to do that today.

A few hours later, Grenwinae surprised a rabbit out of our garage (our bedroom where I had done my work is above the garage).


I talked with the DOL who referred me to their website about employer training for employees. After reviewing it, since I received NO certification, and my training was of definite benefit ONLY to my employer, I am more at peace with all of what has happened. BTW, check your own state law if you have similar issues; it may differ.

380:30112. Payment for training required by employer

(b) If the employer contracts with a third party to provide training away from the workplace, or requires the employee to obtain outside training, the employer is not required to pay wages for the employee’s attendance, although the employer may elect to do so. The party whom the training benefits shall bear the cost thereof, as follows:

(1) If the training is specific or proprietary to the current employer, and is not required by a third party for the employee to work in that particular occupation, then the training is considered to benefit the employer and the employer shall bear the cost thereof. (YEP!)

(2) If completion of the training will result in procurement or renewal of a professional license or certification for the employee, (NOPE!) which stays with the employee and is portable to other employers in the same field or business, then the training is considered to benefit the employee, and the employee shall bear the cost thereof; provided, the employer may choose to pay for the training if the employer so desires.

If she decides to pursue legal action, (which I think is unlikely), I am prepared and ready.


Rabbit gets unstuck

On Wednesday one of the dogs sparked a rabbit to run through the yard. Standing at the back door I saw only a big white cottontail about the size of a baseball.

At the time, I thought: hm something has gotten moving.

Saturday my final check arrived from my former employer. This seems about right for her to have received my DOL complaint and to have responded as she should have by sending my check to me. She also sent me my W-2 and my son’s W-2 (my son, having worked for her while I was still there). She probably, rightfully, anticipated I would be notifying the IRS when my W2 didn’t arrive on time.

The weekend has been draining as I’ve let the worries leave me. I’m hoping this is the end of my relationship with her and the company.

the beginning of something new

My daughter said this to me  in December when we were talking about my current job, “well, you know, your hmmmm (pause) charities….” in terms of describing the (for-profit) people I have worked for over the last decade and a half. So revealing and so true!

When we were in Missouri recently (to review what was left to pack and move), I was rested enough (from my two weeks of self-induced healing coma of vegetable-ness) to think about the future and to come to some realizations. In Missouri, with my clear mind and being removed from daily troubles I realized several things:

1.) I am tired of working for others who treat me badly;

2.) Charity begins at home;

3.) and if I wanted to deal with a shitty boss, it might as well be me! LOL!

I’ve been self-employed twice before and one online business venture. It wasn’t a perfect life, but it maximized my strange and useful skill set of being able to be self-motivated, driven, obsessive, and my ability to Get Things Done and Make Things Happen. I’m at an age that I have a lot of experience, but because I’ve been raising kids, no one is willing to pay me what I’m worth. I can sit around and keep crying about it or I can Make Things Happen.

That is where my energy has been recently is starting the research for how I could open up a retail store for a niche market. I’ve got an original business name and a domain for it. I’ve started doing recipe trials and making some samples. I can’t reveal too much here but suffice to say it goes along with my spiritual work.

I think that was why I saw at least 40 hawks on the drive home. It was like the crowd being called out for the Victory Parade! 😀 Hawks don’t do fist pumps but if they did, I bet that’s what they would have been doing. Instead they just sit on branches, looking superior.


Some things I’ll be discussing here this summer because beginning in late spring I need blog-contributors for a pagan website. This would be a paying gig. You would submit a blog article (that becomes the company’s property to be edited and used exclusively at the company website) and book reviews (that would be submitted under the company account name to Amazon with your name in the signature; again used exclusively by us).

If you want to be considered for this, just post a comment to this post (your email is asked when you post but it is not revealed to anyone but me, the blog owner) and we can discuss your qualifications and the pay rate.

You would be paid as a contractor, responsible for your own taxes (I would prefer you have a Paypal account so I can just send your payment directly to you with an email receipt). Reimbursement would be determined by your experience and the quality of your writing. It might be possible to put a link back to your own online presence (blog, Etsy store etc…) however, do be aware that the website will become commercial in nature and if you are offering competing goods for sale, I won’t be doing the link back. 🙂

Blog entries would pay more than book reviews. There would be a minimum word count for the article (900 word minimum) and/or review (350 word minimum). If there is a book you are interested in reviewing we will buy it via Kindle and “loan” it to you. There will be no cost to you for the book purchase but you will need a Kindle reader.

I know I have few readers here so hopefully the word will start to spread and I’ll get serious about promoting this in a few months.

Woohoo! Exciting!

Don’t Tread on Me

I have lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Labor about not receiving my last paycheck from my former employer. State law states that an employer can only hold a check if a written agreement is on file (i.e. return of a key or uniform for example), if there is state or federal tax reasons, or if there is a legal proceeding against the employee currently on file.

Hm. So none of those apply.  She may feel that I owe her for that training but 1.) there is no written agreement that I do, and 2.) there is no legal judgment, at this time, that states that I do. That dog won’t hunt.

It is illegal for me to not have received my paycheck at this time as two pay periods for the company have passed. A DOL compliance officer will be contacting her about my complaint.

Because she is mad, she is breaking the law. I have done what I need to do and now it is wait and see time. We shall see where this goes.


I am generally not an aggressive person. A few of my last posts might have indicated otherwise, but my like my Animal friend, the Owl, I prefer to be left alone to do what I want to do. OTOH, Owls can seriously fuck you up.

National Geographic on Owls



herb garden beginnings

It looks like this week we will have nice weather for winter – 40’s and 50’s – for the week. That means I need to get my rear in gear and start my herb garden.

We had a lovely spot in Missouri that actually did quite well for us first-time herb gardeners. I think the key here was that the compost was augmented with gravel and sand so it drained well.

Step one: get me to the recycling center. I need to drop off my plastic and cans, and they also have corrugated cardboard that you can pick up for free.

Score one for intolerance: Just got back from recycling center where the lady behind me in her car kept honking at me and got out and yelled at me because I didn’t move my car up in the line fast enough and hit the disabled workers! Later, the guy behind her told me she must have been off her meds! I’m thinking no family visited her during Christmas! Peace be with you crazy lady!

Step two: mark out the area. We will be taking out some of the lawn under the dining and breakfast room windows. You lay down the cardboard (or newspaper) as weedblocker. The best time to do this is in the winter (not spring or summer) as the grass is generally dormant. I need to decide how we are going to edge this garden so to separate it from the very invasive lawn. I am thinking something like this or this.

Step three: pile on a mix of horse manure, sand and pea gravel. Most herbs like very well drained soil and I think where people go wrong is overwatering and not letting the plant’s roots get dry. Owning horses, I have a source for plenty of horse manure 🙂

Step four: remove a tree. This little seedling marked the grave of a hamster and the kids insisted that I leave it be. However, it is now huge and growing right out of the house foundation so needs to go. I feel bad about killing a tree, but it’s had a good run.

Step five: put up a screen (this couldn’t be the aforementioned tree as the tree was 8 feet out of place). This area is close to a neighbors window and she just happens to be very obnoxious. It would be funny to put up something borderline white-trashy as this would really tick her off. However, for our conservative neighborhood, most likely it would be a lattice. I really like this and this but I don’t think I would be able to find the right sized branches in the quantity I would need to make it happen.

Instead of working with a spade, I would rather imagine the plants I’ll be putting in:

Anise Hyssop

Basil (at least 3 varieties)

Bee Balm



Lemon Balm

Marjoram (which I prefer over Oregano)



Sage (two varieties)

Savory (winter and summer)

Tarragon, Sweet


PBP: Ancestors and me

My feelings exactly, and written so much better.

bay witch musings

As part of my practice, I don’t venerate my ancestors.  I know its a popular thing to do in various Pagan communities, but I’ve never felt compelled to do so myself.

Specifically, I do not “regard with reverential respect or with admiring deference” or “to honor (as an icon or a relic) with a ritual act of devotion” (source) the “person(s) from whom one is descended, especially if more remote than a grandparent; a forebear” (source).  I have a number of reasons for this, which I’ve found can be somewhat controversial, as people often take someone else’s rejection of something they find important to be personal (If you, fabulous reader, don’t agree with me, that is A-ok in my book!):

  • I know diddly-squat about most of them. I have a big family.  When it comes to my more recent ancestors, there’s quite a few I’ve never…

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more cleaning, more letting go

I’m not keen on house cleaning but I love me a clean house. If my house is not clean, I’m depressed. I feel sluggish, worried, and down. Depression is a cycle as anyone who has experienced it knows.

Why I’m not crazy about cleaning is that it brings back a lot of memories from my childhood of my mother. I have to write that my mother really kept a clean house and she worked hard. She had five kids and we had a big house. It consumed a lot of her time and energy.  My dad did not contribute. It always seemed to me that being a wife = legalized slave – the penalty of being the second half, not treated as equal.

So, Sunday morning we cleaned. Just as we did last Sunday. Because we are still in the middle of a move, unpacking boxes. Trying to put things into place. Every clean is a Letting Go – Releasing from my life those things that don’t serve.

I had a stack of stuff from my former work. Items I was working on, on my own time, that I was going to pay for to help my boss to further her business. Into the trash it went. Goodbye.

I still had a box from the former renter of items that were supposed to go to donation. I kept meaning to get rid of them but because of my insane work schedule, didn’t happen. It’s at the front door now, it will go tomorrow. Goodbye.

I also had the remains of a candle spell that I did some time ago in August. The need for this spell was done and it was time to formally end the energy. Grenwinae and I spent some time thanking and ending this spell.

Right now these cleans are exhaustive. I’d like to do 2 hours and this ends up being 4 hours or more. It’s because we are in the middle of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly – that takes a lot of energy.

Offense and Defense

The last post was ugly gloating. Well, I have had very little opportunities to gloat in the last 15 years. Instead I’ve been the one on the ground taking the kicks from life. So the one time I see a little of the punishment being given to another, who IMO richly deserves it, it does make me smile a bit through the cracked lip and the blood running down from my nose.

Starting Monday, I’m back to moving forward after a three week break. First thing, I have to do is file a complaint with the Department of Labor about my former boss who never sent me my last paycheck.

This isn’t vindictiveness on my part. To protect myself I need to file my complaint that the last check was not received.

There is a difference about being aggressive, assertive, and protecting myself. This is simply protection because, honestly, the money doesn’t mean that much too me. I would much prefer to be done with this entire situation. However, I have to think of the future and lay the groundwork now against possible future offensive moves against me and mine.

Karma certainly can kick you in the balls

I have been seeing a lot of hawks but no real message. Other than the feeling that there was a message. Yesterday, a small Hawk flew over my car while I left my home. I believe it was some sort of Accipiter, not a Red Tail. He glided over my car, in the open – was it a small trouble coming? Another stab in the back like the last message?

Before we begin, remember this post about Karmic Retribution? I’m a firm believer that those who sow, reap the product of that sowing. And right now I’m in a waiting situation myself in terms of trying to get a cycle to complete.


This afternoon a Federal Investigator showed up at the door to ask about my son’s roommate from last summer. It seems our Jackass renter from the summer of 2012 is applying for something that requires a federal background check.

Oh My. Well, I am a law abiding citizen, loyal to my country so when asked the following questions I had to give the truth.

Did we have any problem with him as a renter? There were State and Federal records I had to mention due directly to action you initiated my poor, misguided boy. I had to refer him to the State Office where he can read your complaint and my response. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble would I?

Did he damage any property?  Yes, he did damage property. I have written and photographic evidence. It’s with the aforementioned State office due to his complaint.

Did he drink alcohol? Yes, it’s part of the photographic evidence.

Did he do drugs? Not to my knowledge. He did have mood swings.

And would I recommend him? No. Liar, manipulative, and has an anger issue. I would definitely not trust him with a gun.

I would highly recommend that you use this time to grow and understand that behaving like a spoiled rotten little 8 year old doesn’t work for a young man trying to find a job. Especially when the Men in Beige Trenchcoats show up on my doorstep and want to know about the man-child who destroyed my thermostat, kicked a hole in my wall and threatened my son with physical harm.

If, by chance you are reading this KM, know with my heart that I only told the truth. I have a duty to my country and as a tax payer to insure that those I recommend for cushy Federal jobs are worthy to serve the public that pays their salary.

Unfortunately for you I still have the photographs, the emails and all the legal stuff that you forced me to do in order to protect myself. All this evidence I had to collect because of your vindictiveness in filing a charge against me. I did not seek out to punish you. I had to inform the State of my view point and back it up with State Law, photographic evidence and the threatening emails your father wrote.

There is a reason why YOU DON’T FUCK WITH ME.

There is a reason you DON’T THREATEN MY CHILDREN.

It’s just Karma’s a Bitch. And I’m just the kinda person who might put IT into motion.

All legally of course.