Always here when I need them

Had a crisis of faith and was complaining about my animal guides and Hawk shows up to hover over our car.

LOL. I would think by now they would be ready to kick me in the head but they always show up when I need them.

In the last year, my work with Animal Guides have shown me (UPG) my animal guides: Owl, Hawk, Rabbit and Vulture, are here for to support me and share their wisdom, but they do not take away from my free will.


In town, I saw an unkindness of ravens attacking a hawk. The hawk flew over to a group of trees, and from my left, another hawk suddenly rose from trees and took off to come to the first one’s aid. Eventually, both hawks rose high to evade the ravens.

This has me a bit concerned. I really don’t need lots more troubles.


Coming back from Missouri we must have counted over 30 hawks seen on the side of the road. No real message though one of them flew close to the car at one point. It seemed they were just escorting us home.


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