Divorced from my self

For the last year, many signs have been given to me that I need to address my throat chakra. While we were in Missouri and had privacy and time, I asked Grenwinae to do a Reiki reading on my chakras, especially my throat.

image from Sacred Centers

When he was at my throat, Water Dragon provided this vision: the Water Dragon split into two – mirror images of each other. Each head could speak but what one head could say the other couldn’t. If one head could speak the truth, the other had to say something different.

While he was having this vision, I felt as if a small marble in my throat suddenly dropped down about 1/2 an inch and settled into place. I said urm and a second before my vocalization, Grenwinae’s image of two heads snapped into one.

The last two jobs I had, especially the last one, I had to keep quiet and suppress many things I wanted to say. I felt I had to do this to survive my job. Speaking up would not have improved my situation. When I was at the training, I had to pretend to be someone else to get through it. I can’t even write about this experience here as it could get me in trouble with some powerful people.

Trying to keep my heads together, communication, creativity, and keeping a job, is going to be my 2014 goal.


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