Karma certainly can kick you in the balls

I have been seeing a lot of hawks but no real message. Other than the feeling that there was a message. Yesterday, a small Hawk flew over my car while I left my home. I believe it was some sort of Accipiter, not a Red Tail. He glided over my car, in the open – was it a small trouble coming? Another stab in the back like the last message?

Before we begin, remember this post about Karmic Retribution? I’m a firm believer that those who sow, reap the product of that sowing. And right now I’m in a waiting situation myself in terms of trying to get a cycle to complete.


This afternoon a Federal Investigator showed up at the door to ask about my son’s roommate from last summer. It seems our Jackass renter from the summer of 2012 is applying for something that requires a federal background check.

Oh My. Well, I am a law abiding citizen, loyal to my country so when asked the following questions I had to give the truth.

Did we have any problem with him as a renter? There were State and Federal records I had to mention due directly to action you initiated my poor, misguided boy. I had to refer him to the State Office where he can read your complaint and my response. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble would I?

Did he damage any property?  Yes, he did damage property. I have written and photographic evidence. It’s with the aforementioned State office due to his complaint.

Did he drink alcohol? Yes, it’s part of the photographic evidence.

Did he do drugs? Not to my knowledge. He did have mood swings.

And would I recommend him? No. Liar, manipulative, and has an anger issue. I would definitely not trust him with a gun.

I would highly recommend that you use this time to grow and understand that behaving like a spoiled rotten little 8 year old doesn’t work for a young man trying to find a job. Especially when the Men in Beige Trenchcoats show up on my doorstep and want to know about the man-child who destroyed my thermostat, kicked a hole in my wall and threatened my son with physical harm.

If, by chance you are reading this KM, know with my heart that I only told the truth. I have a duty to my country and as a tax payer to insure that those I recommend for cushy Federal jobs are worthy to serve the public that pays their salary.

Unfortunately for you I still have the photographs, the emails and all the legal stuff that you forced me to do in order to protect myself. All this evidence I had to collect because of your vindictiveness in filing a charge against me. I did not seek out to punish you. I had to inform the State of my view point and back it up with State Law, photographic evidence and the threatening emails your father wrote.

There is a reason why YOU DON’T FUCK WITH ME.

There is a reason you DON’T THREATEN MY CHILDREN.

It’s just Karma’s a Bitch. And I’m just the kinda person who might put IT into motion.

All legally of course.


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