Offense and Defense

The last post was ugly gloating. Well, I have had very little opportunities to gloat in the last 15 years. Instead I’ve been the one on the ground taking the kicks from life. So the one time I see a little of the punishment being given to another, who IMO richly deserves it, it does make me smile a bit through the cracked lip and the blood running down from my nose.

Starting Monday, I’m back to moving forward after a three week break. First thing, I have to do is file a complaint with the Department of Labor about my former boss who never sent me my last paycheck.

This isn’t vindictiveness on my part. To protect myself I need to file my complaint that the last check was not received.

There is a difference about being aggressive, assertive, and protecting myself. This is simply protection because, honestly, the money doesn’t mean that much too me. I would much prefer to be done with this entire situation. However, I have to think of the future and lay the groundwork now against possible future offensive moves against me and mine.


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