more cleaning, more letting go

I’m not keen on house cleaning but I love me a clean house. If my house is not clean, I’m depressed. I feel sluggish, worried, and down. Depression is a cycle as anyone who has experienced it knows.

Why I’m not crazy about cleaning is that it brings back a lot of memories from my childhood of my mother. I have to write that my mother really kept a clean house and she worked hard. She had five kids and we had a big house. It consumed a lot of her time and energy.  My dad did not contribute. It always seemed to me that being a wife = legalized slave – the penalty of being the second half, not treated as equal.

So, Sunday morning we cleaned. Just as we did last Sunday. Because we are still in the middle of a move, unpacking boxes. Trying to put things into place. Every clean is a Letting Go – Releasing from my life those things that don’t serve.

I had a stack of stuff from my former work. Items I was working on, on my own time, that I was going to pay for to help my boss to further her business. Into the trash it went. Goodbye.

I still had a box from the former renter of items that were supposed to go to donation. I kept meaning to get rid of them but because of my insane work schedule, didn’t happen. It’s at the front door now, it will go tomorrow. Goodbye.

I also had the remains of a candle spell that I did some time ago in August. The need for this spell was done and it was time to formally end the energy. Grenwinae and I spent some time thanking and ending this spell.

Right now these cleans are exhaustive. I’d like to do 2 hours and this ends up being 4 hours or more. It’s because we are in the middle of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly – that takes a lot of energy.


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