Don’t Tread on Me

I have lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Labor about not receiving my last paycheck from my former employer. State law states that an employer can only hold a check if a written agreement is on file (i.e. return of a key or uniform for example), if there is state or federal tax reasons, or if there is a legal proceeding against the employee currently on file.

Hm. So none of those apply.  She may feel that I owe her for that training but 1.) there is no written agreement that I do, and 2.) there is no legal judgment, at this time, that states that I do. That dog won’t hunt.

It is illegal for me to not have received my paycheck at this time as two pay periods for the company have passed. A DOL compliance officer will be contacting her about my complaint.

Because she is mad, she is breaking the law. I have done what I need to do and now it is wait and see time. We shall see where this goes.


I am generally not an aggressive person. A few of my last posts might have indicated otherwise, but my like my Animal friend, the Owl, I prefer to be left alone to do what I want to do. OTOH, Owls can seriously fuck you up.

National Geographic on Owls




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