the beginning of something new

My daughter said this to me  in December when we were talking about my current job, “well, you know, your hmmmm (pause) charities….” in terms of describing the (for-profit) people I have worked for over the last decade and a half. So revealing and so true!

When we were in Missouri recently (to review what was left to pack and move), I was rested enough (from my two weeks of self-induced healing coma of vegetable-ness) to think about the future and to come to some realizations. In Missouri, with my clear mind and being removed from daily troubles I realized several things:

1.) I am tired of working for others who treat me badly;

2.) Charity begins at home;

3.) and if I wanted to deal with a shitty boss, it might as well be me! LOL!

I’ve been self-employed twice before and one online business venture. It wasn’t a perfect life, but it maximized my strange and useful skill set of being able to be self-motivated, driven, obsessive, and my ability to Get Things Done and Make Things Happen. I’m at an age that I have a lot of experience, but because I’ve been raising kids, no one is willing to pay me what I’m worth. I can sit around and keep crying about it or I can Make Things Happen.

That is where my energy has been recently is starting the research for how I could open up a retail store for a niche market. I’ve got an original business name and a domain for it. I’ve started doing recipe trials and making some samples. I can’t reveal too much here but suffice to say it goes along with my spiritual work.

I think that was why I saw at least 40 hawks on the drive home. It was like the crowd being called out for the Victory Parade! 😀 Hawks don’t do fist pumps but if they did, I bet that’s what they would have been doing. Instead they just sit on branches, looking superior.


Some things I’ll be discussing here this summer because beginning in late spring I need blog-contributors for a pagan website. This would be a paying gig. You would submit a blog article (that becomes the company’s property to be edited and used exclusively at the company website) and book reviews (that would be submitted under the company account name to Amazon with your name in the signature; again used exclusively by us).

If you want to be considered for this, just post a comment to this post (your email is asked when you post but it is not revealed to anyone but me, the blog owner) and we can discuss your qualifications and the pay rate.

You would be paid as a contractor, responsible for your own taxes (I would prefer you have a Paypal account so I can just send your payment directly to you with an email receipt). Reimbursement would be determined by your experience and the quality of your writing. It might be possible to put a link back to your own online presence (blog, Etsy store etc…) however, do be aware that the website will become commercial in nature and if you are offering competing goods for sale, I won’t be doing the link back. 🙂

Blog entries would pay more than book reviews. There would be a minimum word count for the article (900 word minimum) and/or review (350 word minimum). If there is a book you are interested in reviewing we will buy it via Kindle and “loan” it to you. There will be no cost to you for the book purchase but you will need a Kindle reader.

I know I have few readers here so hopefully the word will start to spread and I’ll get serious about promoting this in a few months.

Woohoo! Exciting!


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