Thanking Rabbit

While in meditation yesterday afternoon, I gave an offering of loose incense to Rabbit: Chamomile, Alfalfa and Red Clover (btw if you have allergies be careful with plant material). I thanked Rabbit for the quick response to my request to receive my paycheck.

I felt some of the tension melt away and had a renewed feeling that all would be okay with this situation. I also promised an offering in the backyard so I’ll be off to do that today.

A few hours later, Grenwinae surprised a rabbit out of our garage (our bedroom where I had done my work is above the garage).


I talked with the DOL who referred me to their website about employer training for employees. After reviewing it, since I received NO certification, and my training was of definite benefit ONLY to my employer, I am more at peace with all of what has happened. BTW, check your own state law if you have similar issues; it may differ.

380:30112. Payment for training required by employer

(b) If the employer contracts with a third party to provide training away from the workplace, or requires the employee to obtain outside training, the employer is not required to pay wages for the employee’s attendance, although the employer may elect to do so. The party whom the training benefits shall bear the cost thereof, as follows:

(1) If the training is specific or proprietary to the current employer, and is not required by a third party for the employee to work in that particular occupation, then the training is considered to benefit the employer and the employer shall bear the cost thereof. (YEP!)

(2) If completion of the training will result in procurement or renewal of a professional license or certification for the employee, (NOPE!) which stays with the employee and is portable to other employers in the same field or business, then the training is considered to benefit the employee, and the employee shall bear the cost thereof; provided, the employer may choose to pay for the training if the employer so desires.

If she decides to pursue legal action, (which I think is unlikely), I am prepared and ready.


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