Speaking of Cabbages

If you take a stand (on anything) be prepared to be grabbed by the rioting crowd, stuck in a pillory and have rotten cabbages thrown at you. This is because there is a pack mentality to the world. There is a disavowal of personal responsibility that, in the last decade, has only worsened.

When someone shows you an ugly truth about yourself, deflect and throw a cabbage. Best tactic ever! The one that throws the most cabbages wins!


I try to keep myself out of drama but drama sticks to me like chewing gum to the cat. I puzzled over that dilemma for years until I realized that I am a person who takes stands. I take them more quietly than I used too but I still take a stand.

I took a stand at work and you can see from the blog all the resulting drama from that.

I have taken a stand against my brother. He hurt my feelings by some rude behavior. Since he was 17 (and he is now approaching 50), he has used the threat of his anger as emotional blackmail against everyone he knows. I simply will no longer participate in allowing him to get away with his selfish, egotistical behavior. At this point in the argument I probably have cut off another family member because of me taking a stand.

A long term girlfriend who abandoned me for two years now wants to know it was really me who abandoned her. It was really her life in shambles, not mine. I was the selfish one because I never recognized her pain, the pain she never told me about in those phone calls she never returned. Once again, I have taken a stand for truth, and once again, I am getting a stinking, rotten cabbage thrown in my face.

When I taught riding lessons, I saw again and again how students would refuse to face the truth and thus their riding didn’t improve. Don’t face the truth, don’t face your fears, don’t go into the sulphurous depths of the Minotaur’s labyrinth to face the monster and you will be the monster.

It’s called an apology for your behavior and if I don’t get one,  you can travel your path, and I will travel my own. The line in the sand is drawn and rubber has met road.

Self delusion? I gave that up as a lifestyle coping mechanism about three decades ago.


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