Thursday I did a meditation. I chose my Fluorite stone that I had take on my trip to Vancouver and a piece of antler that I recently bought for another art project.  The antler I picked up because I felt like I needed deer’s gentleness, compassion and love.

Let me write, if you are new to stones (like me) and don’t have a lot of experience doing energy work (like me), I highly recommend trying out a piece of fluorite. It’s an easy stone to play around with, immensely affordable, often found in different shades of purple/green, has a very nice iridescence when light is reflected through it, and comes in many different forms such as tumbled, points, and carved into shapes (i.e. Buddha, animals etc…).  In my experience it is very responsive.

Fluorite works well with other stones, and is supposed to help manage your emotions and clarify/focus your thoughts.



I’ve been having trouble with my meditation. Too much monkey mind. Too much thinking and rabbit jumping to a million thoughts. Eventually, things settled down.

I’m to let go of it ALL. The stuff that happened last week is from the past and deals with other people’s issues in not letting go themselves (something they need to decide for themselves), and not choosing to live in the present.

I have no ability to heal their pain. They have to own it themselves (much of it, not even dealing with me at all) and take responsibility. As a friend – as a sister – I cannot bring them healing or enlightenment.

I’m in a place where I have let go of a lot of baggage. I am ready to live in the present, and deer gave me permission that I DESERVE IT. I deserve being able to live my life the way I want, unburdened by others’ guilt or expectations.


We left for Missouri Friday night and on the drive, in the dark, I saw a deer on the left shoulder, staring at me, HUGE ears. Grenwinae did not see it.

Further confirmation of the message.


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